29 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 18

  1. I just love you Eliza! These are really funny! Those lions though are ridiculously adorable! πŸ˜‰ Thank you so much for sharing these funnies. You always know how to make me smile. How are you doing?

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  2. Another great tour, Eliza!

    Despite, well…everything, you manage to smile, and you inspire all of us to do the same.

    Not a bad day’s work, Eliza. The month, the season, too, for that matter.

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      1. Thanks for your interest, Eliza! Let’s see…

        Within the last week or so, corn and strawberries. The chives have been at it since late March. The arugula already came and went, and it awaits the next cool weather in early October for Round 2. The lemongrass is taking nicely to its new home, though a grower stared it for me. Lemongrass being a tropical and all

        How about you, Eliza? Are you going to try some peppermint to go with those brownies you bake?

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