This post is absolutely awesome…. if you want to know what kindness is, and how one person can make a difference – no matter the age.

This week’s ‘good people’ post is just a bit late, but hopefully worth the wait. The trash man watcheth … We don’t give much thought to our trash collectors, or binmen … they come once or twice a week, pick up the trash, and that’s that.  They likely don’t give much thought to us, either.  […]

Good People Doing Good Things — In Times Of Trouble

I’m sharing this post for my WATWB post – we are the world bloggers, spreading light in a world of darkness. Watwb posts are shared the last Friday of the month. I’m sharing it in advance because Friday is Shavuot for me.

What kindness can you do? How can you spread love and light?

Love, light, and glitter


22 thoughts on “#WATWB Good People Doing Good Things — In Times Of Trouble

  1. It’s those that we oftentimes pay little attention to that do so much for us. Those that many look down upon yet should look at them with the utmost respect and appreciation. I like this. Thank you as always and please keep it up.

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  2. You are correct – I don’t give much thought to the garbage men except when they drive by the apartment and the sound of their truck makes my male cat anxious. As with the delivery men that I posted about this month, they perform a valuable service every day – through sunny days, rainy days and pandemics. Thank you for sharing and being part of #WATWB.

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  3. I think that spreading the love through words is the best balm for the worries of our world. The best idea is that we bloggers are dotted all over the world and communicating with one another, leading different lives, living with different perspectives, but all coming together to chatter about a common thread.

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      1. I should – I started to send you a link tonight since tomorrow is “National Running Day” then remembered it was “national” and not “international” … I’m happy for the Park being opened, but am a little worried about the severe weather overnight and early a.m. The weather folks don’t get anything right anymore, so hopefully this is one such time. This is the link in case you’d like to mention it on your Dolphin Girl site.:

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