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Wordless Wednesday: Over the Rainbow

This is so awesome I had to reblog it…


46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday reblog: Over the Rainbow

      1. Hmm… I’ve always been happy for a new follower! To each his own, however.
        I’ve been keeping so-so. School ended, so there’s that…
        But, I’m awfully bored. Have been cooking alot. Made a study plan for summer- basically trying to keep myself busy as I can.
        How about you??
        Stay home, stay safe.
        Love always,

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        1. Running. Just taught on the phone.
          Studying science? Keeping up with karate? You can blog more, too. You haven’t posted in a while (unless my wordpress is playing up). You can do what I’m doing and aim for 50 new gratitudes a day. It’s going to even out to about 10. So that in a few years I’ll have as many thousand as my age.

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          1. Nah, karate’s out of the picture. Fell violently ill, so have been too weak to start doing such intense physical activity just yet. No, I haven’t posted- your wordpress seems fine xD. Yeah, that sounds awesome! Maybe I’ll start too.
            Glad you ran. I hope teaching on the phone was good- I’ve heard countless complaints about how online school is awful.
            Hmm… Planning to finish studying all textbooks of Math and Science this summer, leaving me time in the academic year to blog and get waaaaay ahead of my school syllabus.
            Planning to post this Monday. Might even do weekly posts now!
            I’m glad we talked- it’s been a while!

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            1. Ouch…. I hope you are getting better…
              Teaching worked really well actually. Which I’m grateful for.
              It’ll be cool if you get ahead… you can always study still further. Your blog would probably help you get into places to study too.

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              1. Yep! I’m glad you enjoyed the class.
                Healing slowly. Actually decided to attend today’s class. Survived through 45 minutes. Then I got too weak.
                But I’ll get there!

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        1. Hmm. What post? Either it was rescheduled so can’t be posted on, or it’s password protected so can only be commented on through a browser not the reader. That’s all I can think of.

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          1. It is password protected. I have to go directly into the post and will when I get time. However I am not sure I will recall all I put but I will try to. Remember for now though I believe in you.

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            1. Thanks πŸ’•
              You made me cry.
              It deserves more of a reply which I can’t focus enough on now.
              Your nephew gets my hugs…


                1. The time is good for me… if anything I’m nervous for lockdown to end and back to work full day. Haven’t thought about it at all for will deal with it when it happens…


  1. Spectacular photo, Eliza. Great choice!

    As a photographer, you know all too well the exquisite patience required to get scene to divulge its magic. Just the right moment, just the right lighting, just the right…etc., etc. It’s a wonder you accomplish daily, it seems, and you share the triumph with us.

    Whether or not today’s photo is among yours, you can imagine the presence of mind it took to capture that one perfect moment.

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    1. I can imagine. It’s a reblog as I wrote. And is so so awesome……..

      I made really simple brownies. I should take a picture for you when I make them again.

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