If I wasn’t running I’d have gotten more pictures. I’ve kinda stopped posting pictures here because once I’ve posted it here I won’t post them elsewhere. Just for today… (I’m posting this for Linda inspired me to as I’m liking her WordlessWednesday posts)

2 geese next to each other, their necks crossed over each other - fighting
Their necks are crossed over each other
2 geese, buting each other
2 geese. Looking away from each other. Ignoring.

21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Wow! These are great … thank you for posting these Eliza. I must say that in all the years of walking and seeing lots of geese, I’ve never seen the beak-to-beak interaction before … kissing? Nor the crossed necks. I see you got “the stare” and the pink tongue flapping as you took pictures too … glad I am not the only one incurring their wrath! Keep posting on Wordless Wednesdays. I am having fun with it.

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  2. Nice gallery, Eliza! Glad you made an exception today and posted it here.

    Have you ever seen the geese in flight? There are two small lakes nearby, each about a kilometer distant, but in opposite directions. Quite often I spot the geese in flight overhead, from one lake to the other. Beautiful, actually.

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    1. Yup. It is awesome! I’m posting pictures more on Instagram which I just opened for that purpose. Do you have Instagram? I just want them to be part of my real life and my blog is anonymous.

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