I can’t go to sleep…

So am writing. I need to sleep.

I’ve a phone therapy appointment tomorrow that I don’t know anything about. The referral is from last year. I don’t know if I want therapy. But being open to the universe and all, if the universe sends me something I’ll take it. Or at least look at it.

I ate more today. Ate junk too which got rid of. It feels good and bad to be able to eat. I want a life of recovery. I also want to stay away from food.

My friend in crisis is doing okay. I’m there for her. Have been a lot. Never beyond my boundaries. A lot of time and just being there, here.

Brought a friend brownies and a keyring and spoke to her from my car. It was good to see her. Really good.

Hope to run tomorrow more so really need my energy and before that I have an appointment and after that I have a few phone calls I need to make.

May go back to work a bit. I’m sad about that. I don’t want to work…………………

I made someone anxious with an innocent comment:(

I don’t really know what anxiety is like for I cut off from it. It’s not a choice I make. When it’s too much it’s just no longer there.

I’m using my battery which I need for the call tomorrow morning and then the running.

Love, light and glitter


39 thoughts on “58720

  1. Aye, none of us can ever be quite sure what effect our words will have. Maybe they’ll make someone anxious without meaning to… Or maybe they’ll make someone’s life better, even in just a tiny way.

    Hope things work out for you tomorrow (today?). πŸ™‚

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  2. Glad to read you got some sleep last night, Eliza. Maybe even a little more than you recall, as, obviously, you don’t remember the time you were asleep.

    Nice to learn the therapy session helped somewhat. This is your conclusion, too, when you’re a bit sleep-deprived. Memories brighten even more when you’re well-rested.

    You had a productive couple days, then, between helping a friend, enjoying some therapeutic relief, and finally, telling us all about it. A good couple days, it seems. I think you’ll sleep well tonight.

    In fact, given that it already is 1AM your time, hopefully you’ve drifted into rest’s arms, and you’re reading this in the morning!

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  3. Take it easy! It’s not the end of the world… do what makes you comfortable and when you’re comfortable go tackle your fears! Sending lots of love your way Eliza!

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        1. Quarantine is good. Running πŸ™‚ living with an ED and can stop that buy really don’t want to. I want to lose the weight. Some ways really good. You know how you can walk 2 different paths at the same time?

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          1. Hmm.. I don’t know how it’s possible to walk two different paths at the same time… maybe walk one.. take a break walk the other! Good luck losing weight. I’m trying to do that too. Let’s see how it goes

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