26 thoughts on “Goodbye Ed. Hello Me

        1. Yeah. Probably. It’s taking over too much. But, that just is, right?
          How are you doing?
          I have a card for you. Can you imagine me sending it?

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          1. Things can take over this is true. As I have learned and had to relearn is that we let them even itโ€™s on a subconscious level. You mentioned eating disorder. I canโ€™t say I have one as many consider them. However, this past year I have turned to comfort food( chocolate and other sugary things) during times of high stress and since the levels of stress have decreased a little I still turn to it and my body is showing me how erroneous I am to have turned that way. It wasnโ€™t always a conscious thought me imbibing on the foods yet I still did and they have been having a detrimental effect on my body.
            I am doing better every day. Thank you always for asking. How are things for you truly?
            No matter what it is I thank you for it. The fact you thought about me enough to get it means a lot. Youโ€™re welcome to send it, I will give an address if you would like or you can take pictures and email it to me.


            1. If you send me an address I’ll post it. Sometime :). I have good intentions and it often takes me forever to actually act on it.

              Of course I ask, you mean a lot to
              Comfort food either is or isn’t an ED. Not sure exactly what defines it. Are you going to change it or leave as is?

              For me it’s the mindset. Though today I’m living with the mindset less and that actually scares me. Weird, as the part of me that’s been observing and commenting this week knows it’s good. But for the same reason I decided to stop eating anyways I want to stay stopped. Even if and as it takes over which I truly don’t want.

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              1. I shall email you my address.
                And Thank you truly that made me smile. You mean a lot to me too.

                I will not continue as I have. I can feel how eating crap for so long and not exercising like I should has impacted me. I donโ€™t like the way I feel. I quit sugar many years ago and I will do it again.

                Itโ€™s the mindset for each of us. If we truly truly want to do something we will or we will do our very best to make it so. Even if we donโ€™t succeed initially. You do what is best for you.

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                1. It’s in the post box. Don’t expect anything major for it’s just a line….

                  Sugar quitting is really healthy…

                  For now I’m staying with this. K? K. I want it however bad it may be. But anyways I ate a little more yesterday to have the energy to run today (Google couch to 5k if you don’t know what it is).

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                  1. Thank you. I have no expectations just being appreciative for the time you took and the card itself.
                    Youโ€™re right it is. Too much sugar is linked with so so many health problems. Problems that they use to blame on other things.
                    You do what you feel is best for you and only you can decide what that is.

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  1. Stay strong, E. Food is sustenance. Food gives you life.
    And for as long as you live, ‘Goodbye Me’ cannot be possible.
    Because ‘you’ will always be there, and maybe ‘you’ would be buried under a crushing pile of grief and sadness and anger, but one day, ‘you’ will rise up and burst forth, because nobody in all the Universe will ever be able to contain a force of nature.
    You are that force of nature, with the same strength and majesty.
    And you are above this ED.
    Sending hugs and love…

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    1. Okay, you brought me to tears. Thank you!!
      Today is a better day. Where I may be acting on it but it’s not all consuming…

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      1. That’s a tough question and only you can answer it. (Yes, I know that’s not helpful.)

        What I thought when I wrote that comment was a woman who put on a dress, a scar, shoes, earrings, etc. The parts help make that woman, but ultimately she can take all of it off and be herself.

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  2. I went through an identity crisis of sorts as I started healing from ED and letting go of my anxiety disorder and healing from the worst of my PTSD. They’d been part of me for so long I couldn’t imagine who or what I was without them. I was losing friends, in a matter of speaking. I really like who and what I found on the other side. You’ll get there. It didn’t take a few weeks or months to go down the rabbit hole. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. Thanks SS. I feel like I should know who and what I am at this age and know what I want from my life. But for now it’s easier here. Hopefully it won’t be too hard deciding to stop when I do…

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