A purple blooming flower atop a stem. In the background the lake and trees behind it are blurred

Really I took a lot of pictures today. Was thinking of doing a Linda’ish post, taking you on my walk with me. Sharing the pictures of the baby squirrel who came really close to me (who i had to leave as the baby/toddler with me was getting scared of it. Why is she scared of a squirrel and not of the geese, birds, kitten we met, or dogs???) Maybe when I have time.

Love, light and glitter


41 thoughts on “Photo for the day – flower blooming

  1. The truth is that the photo is excellent and highlights the beauty of the flower. Its purple color is very striking and the landscape gives an incredible spiritual peace.

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  2. Woo-hoo, Eliza – WordPress permits me to “Like” again! Meaning, for the first time in weeks, your entry gets a big ol’ Like.

    Even more cause for celebration is the gorgeous picture you snapped, framed fetchingly with the lake and the tree line beyond.

    Not surprised at all the squirrel freaked out your companion. The things that animate a toddler’s thoughts!

    When I was her age, we frequented a good Mexican restaurant (which, even then, were common in L.A., where we lived at the time). Anyway, near the front door, the place had a dummy with a sombrero slouched over its eyes, as though it were taking a siesta. That thing scared the living daylights out of me, as I was sure it was going to reach up and grab me. To this day, dummies still unnerve me!

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    1. Aww poor you…yeah, I had to leave the baby squirrel which was coming closer and closer each time. I can’t zoom on my phone and I got some cool pictures. She is way more precious then the squirrel so definitely comes first…

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      1. So, in the Battle of the Toddlers, this round goes to the squirrel,

        For now. Give it a couple years. Next time around, your companion will see that very same creature, will squeal in unencumbered delight, “Squirrel!” and will go running after it.

        Who gets the last laugh now, squirrel?

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        1. This made me laugh. Thanks! Totally… she doesn’t have squirrels where she lives but if she moves here… seems like she’s scared of lotsa things. Hopefully she’ll outgrow it…

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  3. Well, next time and thanks for thinking of me when you were out, then when you planned to write this post. 🙂 And the furry friends of course. I was at the Park a year or so ago and feeding Parker and fawning over him, when a woman came out of the blue and saw me and just freaked out. She asked me to “take him somewhere, far from her as he might bite” – I said “he won’t bite, at least not til he’s done with this peanuts and they’ll keep him occupied for a while.” She didn’t think that was funny, and ran to her car and sped away.

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    1. She probably thought you were serious… yup, if not for the little one I’d have stayed until he came into my shoe and taken that photo for you…

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          1. Hmm some bloggers have told me the same. There was a Jetpack update last month. After which, my website has been acting not quite right.

            Can you try commenting using chrome/explorer because it tends to work there….

            And sorry for the inconvenience!


    1. Thanks RLL! That’s so nice of you… your post is gorgeous… I love reading too but don’t wish to have written any of them. And I love your dream garden… space and grass and green…
      Happy Wednesday!
      Love, light, and glitter


      1. Exactly. I think I know what you mean… I typically will only post poems written on the same day, because it just doesn’t feel right otherwise. But with all those pictures that you took, it could be like reliving that day over again. Could be fun!

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