I loved the spiral of the wave as it hit the wall.

Love, light and glitter


32 thoughts on “Pictures of the day – wave

      1. You’re welcome Eliza – I thought of YOU today because yesterday while walking, I saw someone had put about 40 painted rocks in front of a tree. I didn’t have the camera as it was a cold and gray day … so I went back today as it was sunny to take pics of some of them. I will probably turn it into a β€œWordless Wednesday” and some of the rocks were bigger than others … one said β€œDon’t let anyone dull your sparkle!” I love that line!

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          1. I like that one too – I wonder if that was in the “collection” – I took a picture of all of them and also each of the bigger stones … light was pretty good so I am hopeful they came out. Thinking to use it for Wordless Wednesday, though I will have a lot of rocks admittedly.

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    1. Definitely! I wouldn’t have noticed the engineering but it got those waves and although I’ve seen awesome waves I’ve never since seen swirls like these.

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        1. Hmm. I’ve seen a lot of natural rock forming like that but no, never this. Have you studied engineering or buildings? I’m guessing they interest you…

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          1. yes had wanted to do architecture, a friend did it and the real blessing is that he listens to my suggestions … then to see them come to fruition is so amazing!

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            1. No idea. Oh, actually I read about it once. According to the book I read if i remember it was wind and water but didn’t really ever look into it properly to really know.

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