Mitch posted some signs here. Only some ๐Ÿ™‚ his collection is perfect to bring a smile or laughter into your day. Enjoy!

Mitch Teemley

I canโ€™t remember a time I didnโ€™t love signs. When I was 13 I painted one for a local hamburger joint, and was very proud of it. It featured a dead guy opening a casket with the word โ€œOpenโ€ on the lid. They chose not to buy my sign. I couldnโ€™t understand why. I sort of get why now.

I still love signs. Clever signs, artistic signs, awkward signs, misspelled signsโ€ฆanything but boring ones. Hereโ€™s a gallery of fun, not-boring, signs (most of them intentionally so, a few unintentionally). Happy May!

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14 thoughts on “Signs!

  1. I would have used your sign, had it been up to me.

    There’s a street in Jeromeville named Flicker Court (after the bird, I’m assuming, other nearby streets also have bird names). Many times I would go past that sign and some vandal with white-out would have tried to attach the L and I in FLICKER at the bottom to make it say something else…

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    1. There are too many there to choose from!!! Naming after birds is a great idea… I have a no trespassing on my bedroom door.
      How was your weekend?

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      1. It’s only Saturday afternoon here, there’s still some weekend left. So far it’s been ok, not bad, but not great either. I’m playing Dungeons & Dragons by video chat right now (something I didn’t get into until just a few years ago, so I won’t be writing about it in my blog), and I played games with other friends last night. But I have a hard time feeling like I’ll ever feel like I’m having a good weekend again as long as everything is shut down :\

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          1. My weekend in the past? You mean you want me to answer in character from 1995? The next episode will include my birthday, and at the time I had a crush on a girl whose birthday was right near mine, and I sent her a card and she sent me one in return. So there’s that. The next episode should be up very soon, although one of my friends from back then who reads my stories now is in this one (Catherine, not the aforementioned crush) and I want to run it by her before I publish the finished product.

            It was an okay weekend in real life, though. I got to see three different groups of friends through video chat. One of those groups was a Dungeons & Dragons game, and I shot pretty well with my bow even though the monster I was shooting was far away which makes it less likely that my shots will hit.

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            1. I’m looking forward! I’m glad you’re running it by her, you’ll avoid hurt feelings…

              What did you enjoy precovid19 that you can add in some ways nowadays to love your weekends?

              Yay you! Do you play against each other or all together with the same goal? (I know virtually nothing about gaming)

              Love, light and glitter

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              1. That’s the problem. A typical weekend for me would involve taking myself out to dinner on Friday night and people-watching for a while, then hanging out with friends playing games at some point. And none of that is allowed anymore, and it probably will not be for many months to come. Other states are starting to open up, but my governor is throwing a fit and getting even more strict.

                What I really need to do is focus this time on all the alone things that I always say I’ll do someday when I have time, like writing, cleaning house, and doing yard work. But I feel like I need a balance no matter what, and life swerved to the other extreme so suddenly and has stayed there too long. I’m still in the “anger” stage of grieving, and I’ll probably be there for a while…

                I’m checking with Catherine on the story more because it involves some details I don’t remember; she says she doesn’t remember every detail either, but she filled in a few gaps and I want to make sure the story I came up with is at least plausible.

                Dungeons & Dragons is a cooperative game, everyone playing together. The person running the game tells a story and the rest of us are essentially playing the parts of a group of adventurers, with different abilities and strengths and weaknesses depending on our race (human, elf, dwarf, etc.), class (wizard, fighter, barbarian, cleric, etc.), and background. Whether or not the actions our characters take succeed or fail depend on dice rolls. So, for example, if I want to shoot something with my bow, I make a roll and add modifiers based on my level and my dexterity stat, and if that is higher than the monster’s armor stat, then I roll another die to determine how much damage it does. That’s a very oversimplified explanation, the rule book for players is 300 pages long, but that’s basically how it works. (I did read all 300 pages cover to cover eventually, but mostly I only know the rules that directly apply to me. For example, the different kinds of magic-using characters work a little differently, and I don’t know how magic works for wizards work because my character is not a wizard.)

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                1. The game sounds fun!!
                  I’m glad your governor is getting stricter… are people allowed out at all? I wonder if theres a way to virtually people watch. And virtually meet.
                  Grieving takes time… takes getting used to something do new and unwanted. I hope you do eventually get to do all you want to with your time.


                  1. I’m not glad things are getting stricter. We need our lives back. We need our freedom back. But on the other hand, I don’t want a lot more people to die either. There is really no ideal situation here, and I’m glad I’m not the one making the decisions.

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