Day 22: What attribute of a source/higher power/god/energy/force, are you grateful for?

Hmm. Love. Unity.

Gratitude challenge day 22: Write down three things that you appreciate about your boss.

This is even tougher!

Her care for every student. Her logical brain that works things out. Her willingness to go above to help the students.

Love, light, and glitter


22 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge: Day 22

  1. Compassion and understanding (even if I have a hard time accepting it)

    Oh yay me I have two bosses;)
    I appreciate the fact that both are easygoing on their teachers and kinda give us free reign to teach the way it works for us
    Both care about the students and want what’s best for them (which comes out differently for both, and sometimes leads to them disagreeing which is a downside)
    Compassion and understanding from one of them – specifically towards me.

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    1. I wrote about the harder one! The other school, I’m not actually sure who my boss is… which of the 3. Principle, senco or manager.


      1. I don’t usually say that on WordPress for spoiler reasons. If you really want to know, I can message you privately. Or if you can wait a few years, when I get to 1997 in my story, thinking about my career will be a major part of the story line.

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          1. At this point in the story, I just finished my first year at the University of Jeromeville, and in April of that year I decided on mathematics as my major because I’ve always been good at it. I won’t say whether or not I ended up in a career related to that field, but I will say that I am still in the same career field that I started right after I finished at UJ, which is why telling you what I do now would spoil my story.

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    1. It’s definitely scary. The world is scary at the moment and we have to just breathe, live through it and stay okay. I need you here!

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      1. Thank you – we do need a little escape and this is why I’m perturbed about the park closing – they segregated the playground equipment but people had to gather when they were not supposed to and now it is closed. In my county where I live, they consider it a good day if under a 100 die – that’s shocking to me.

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  2. Honestly, I consider myself very lucky for I found a friend, a compassionate soul in my manager. He is considerate, understanding, inspiring and motivating. Truth be told three words aren’t enough πŸ™‚

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  3. I started a gratitude journal a little over three years ago–just a brief entry each day to record one of God’s blessings. But your 30-day gratitude prompts look like a worthy pursuit also, stretching the thinking in new directions. Thank you for collecting and sharing, Eliza!

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    1. Thanks for reading and sharing Nancy!
      I’m filling in a new gratitude journal actually. And these prompts are taking me forever to do! What feels like forever :).
      Thanks for passing by:)
      Love, light, and glitter


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