You bring light and joy into my life by being here…

Thanks for joining me on this journey….

Love, light, and glitter

Dear Friend, YOU MATTER.


34 thoughts on “Sending some sunshine – you matter!

  1. You matter too, remember that.
    Add β€˜re and it becomes you’re matter thus you matter. Cheesy I know but it’s all Gouda to me.

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        1. Are you not standing just 2 metres in front of me keeping to social distancing rules???

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          1. Of course I am standing just 2 meters away from you 2×2,891,186 meters. Such a small distance. You’re right you should be able to see me from there. I don’t know what social distancing is. I hug everyone.

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  2. That is so cute, Eliza – you matter in the most glittery of ways!!! I have just watched a program on Netflix called Unorthodox which I found fascinating – I wondered if you had seen it.

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    1. Awww thanks!!! I saw some of the trailer and didn’t like how it was writing about a culture as if it was fact. There are so many subcultures and cultures within cultures. Lots have things wrong with them. If you go to the top – the people they’re all following- with the rare exception they espouse love, health and unity. Don’t get me wrong. I was hurt by the culture I was raised in. I can see though that every culture has the good and bad. That every culture and subculture have the people who are accepting and the people who aren’t. There is no one perfect person. No one perfect place. It just made me sad. Although I didn’t see it all. Portray an honest look. Portray the good the bad the beautiful the ugly not just an angry perception. I know so many people who went to the school I went to and chose different paths. Except for one I don’t know about every single one is close to their family. A few had babies on their own who their parents helped them raise and set up their own apartments. I don’t think it’s all good (think of my new blog and which I started that:) I have no idea if I’ll stay with the orthodox ) but neither is it all bad. And it just makes me sad…. and I’ve rambled……

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      1. I am so sorry I made you ramble, Eliza. I really enjoyed a glimpse into another culture with ‘Unorthodox’ and it reminded me of the modesty of women in Egypt. Some of my family are Mormon and they too have guidelines about modesty. There is no judgement from me and I always dress appropriately for the culture I am in. When I was younger we still wore mantillas to go to Mass…I loved my black lace Mantilla. Hugs to you!

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        1. I know you weren’t judging. I know you well enough, I hope, by now. Lol you’ve probably not seen the other blog. The thing was also that a lot was exaggerated and wasn’t true to life. Make it true to life! If you take it with a pinch of salt…. for example it’s true that some people don’t use birth control but in the orthodox circles at least 90 percent do. In the hasidic which it was referencing it’s more 50/50 but if they’d want to they would ash rabbis who understand and be told yes to. I’m not saying every rabbi understands. That’s a big problem. And there is large movement to educate them so that they can guide appropriately. It’s kinda like the religious, any religious, are 50 years behind the general world in awareness. Should stop rambling. It hurts me also because my sister isn’t religious and doesn’t see the reality of what is or was. Though she has taught me lots. For I may or may not leave Judaism. I know that I won’t the way she did. Dunno…

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          1. I like to refer to myself as a lapsed Catholic as I don’t practice but culturally feel Catholic. I am sure that God only cares that we are good to each other. ❀️❀️

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