A soft reminder by Lisa Olivera. We are currently going through a collective traumatic experience. Trauma is often thought of as ‘too much, too fast’ which is exactly what is happening. Of course you’re exhausted. Of course you’re afraid. Of course you’re overwhelmed. Of course you’re clinging to certainty in the midst of so much unknown. Of course you aren’t as productive, feeling foggy, or wondering how you can possibly go through so many waves of emotion all in the same day. This all makes so much sense in the context of our circumstances. Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself grace. You are good, no matter how you are managing this completely new experience.

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Please share your favourite memes/quotes!

Love, light, and glitter

May your Wednesday be filled with love, light and sparkle.

15 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 12

  1. Yet another sparkling collection, Eliza! Can’t decide which I like best of all, either Borat, or the Clorox twitter. Flip a coin, will ya?

    Well, it’s now official – with this post you’ve boosted our spirits sufficiently, that you are, by acclamation, Head of the Morale Team. Congratulations, Eliza! I know you’ll use the power wisely.

    “How’d you make it through the Great Pandemic of 2020, Grandpa?”

    “Masks, gloves, and reading Eliza every day.”

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