To everyone who is currently in quarantine, sitting with your thoughts all day, be kind to yourself and hold on. This world needs you.

I’d love to see your quotes/memes πŸ™‚

Coronavirus quotes 10, Coronavirus quotes 9, Coronavirus quotes 8, Coronavirus quotes 7, Coronavirus quotes 6, Coronavirus quotes 5, Coronavirus quotes 4, Coronavirus quotes 3, Coronavirus quotes 2, Coronavirus quotes, Coronavirus – chad gadya

Love, light and glitter


42 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 11 – what day is it today?

  1. Another great collection, Eliza! I’d “Like” it, but apparently WordPress has other ideas.

    The wine bottle in particular spoke to me. So many ways to keep track of the passing days. Pour a glass (or two) to enjoy with a good book. Or maybe…saute some mushrooms or braise some chicken.

    Well then, cheers!

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      1. Good question Eliza – I fear that we will have nothing to laugh at because life will be so dramatically different. I hope they are wrong about a resurgence in the Fall. I pray they get a vaccine to protect us. There is a blogger who followed me and I followed back and for the last month she has been doing posts about twice a week that began as toilet paper memes and are now more into self-isolation. She may have some in here that you have never seen before. Here is her blog:

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