Buddy mojo challenge let’s you ask 10 multiple choice questions which you create answers to or use theirs as a fun way to tell others about you and see how well they know you.

How well do you know me?

Find out here! Or use it to get to know 10 random things about me…

I’d love you to answer… and then make your own and link it here for me to find out 10 things about you…

Love, light, and glitter


18 thoughts on “Best buddy challenge 2020: How well do you know me?

    1. Most your answers could have been right. You filled it in as eliza, right? When I checked the answers for myself, I wasn’t actually sure on some of them, for they were a tie. And I definitely blog more than I read although I chose reading because that’s what I wish I would do more of…
      I’d love to see your questions 🙂
      I just found it fun…
      Thank you for answering!

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    1. A lot of my answers I wasn’t sure about too… they could be both 🙂
      Thanks for doing it! I’d love to do yours if you make one…
      Love, light, and glitter

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    1. Thanks for answering! Only the coffee was really wrong- I don’t drink coffee, the rest could have been true, and the reading, most people chose blogging. I blog more but I like reading best…
      Are you going to make one?
      Love, light, and glitter

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  1. 4/10, which is pathetic, but actually is better than I thought I’d do.

    Additionally, three of the ones I got wrong were coin-tosses between my wrong answer and what ended up being the right response.

    Bad luck, or did I just choose…poorly?

    Well, much more information to gather, Eliza. Keep writing, and I’ll keep learning!

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    1. Will you make one?
      A lot of the questions I wasn’t sure the answers to myself….. I had to really think, what was it again? The choices were too similar…


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