Day 18: What invention are you grateful for?

Hmm. Light switches! Cars. WordPress. Bottled water.

What invention are you grateful for?

Gratitude challenge day 18: Think of what you are grateful for before going to bed.

This is a good one and pretty easy if I remember. I’ll try to πŸ™‚

Love, light, and glitter


33 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge: Day 18

  1. I am grateful for the toaster. If I had to do it under the grill or on a fire, I’d get it wrong and burn it each and every time. I simply can’t stand and watch! Oh, in that case, I’m also grateful for smoke alarms … oh and of course I should say ventilators …. did you say I should just say one thing? Golly … um, education. Phew! Does that count??

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    1. Yup! Why one thing only? I thought you’d say your coffee maker πŸ™‚
      I can’t imagine trying to cook and bake without ovens and microwaves and toasters…
      Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Literacy, Eliza.

    Not only is it awesome all by itself, but think of all manner of wonders it’s made possible.

    Without it, we’d love your site’s pretty pictures, but in between? Just a bunch of strange symbols. Can’t figure what they’re supposed to mean.

    Thanks to literacy, tough, we know exactly what they mean, and that knowledges doubles – no, quadruples – our delight. Our eyes thrill to the pictures, then our minds feast on what’s written.

    Thank you, literacy. Thank you, Eliza!

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    1. I love your choice! Literacy gives knowledge and spreads thoughts and awareness across the globe. Without it we wouldn’t know much of much…

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  3. How to choose?!
    Paper and printing press (mass book productions aaaah books:)), music devices, ovens and stoves, optical glasses (I can see!), vaccinations and modern medicine, the fidget spinner πŸ˜€

    Easy, I do that with my students every day!
    thanks E!

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    1. And I forgot to. Need to get back, want, to writing nightly lists. The sentence structure is wrong but you see exactly where/what πŸ˜„.
      I’m guessing you use fidget spinners? What kind?


  4. I was thinking I’m going to try and get to 2600 (age * 1000) gratitudes by the end of the year, or maybe even 26000 – wanna join me?
    Yep, the regular ones that were all the rage last year – in green πŸ˜‰

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    1. So cool……. yup… remind me tomorrow? I’ll start writing them :). That means a hundred gratitudes a day – leave out 52 for shabbatim, 20 for chaggim, some extras for the days I can’t think of…. and we’re starting a few days late…
      Great idea! Let’s go!!
      How literally do you mean join? As in each do some a day or together get there?


  5. Yay, great!
    Get there together, I’ll probably be less consistent and write as many as I can come up with in bursts.
    I love green:) broke my old one and actually got a new one few months ago – it just helps to fidget sometimes

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    1. I’ve enough dolphin stuff to fidget with…
      May help to make categories for some days, just coz I’m thinking of 20 family ones. Where will we write them? I’m getting really excited to do this. It’s such a great idea and if we’re doing it together we’ll both have to do our side so means maybe I’ll keep it up – not gonna make you sound like you don’t keep to what you start just coz I find it hard to.


  6. That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I think I’m going to write it out on an excel sheet, might be easiest.
    Yep, same here – doing it together is a great incentive to keep it going for me too!

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  7. I am grateful for LOVE; I can give out love to as many people as possible especially to those who are lacking love.

    I am grateful for knowledge .

    I am grateful for family and the good people in my life.

    I am grateful I found your blog to express myself openly…. I usually keep it in my heart πŸ˜„.

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    1. Aww this really makes me smile.
      Thanks for reading and sharing…
      I love your knowledge one. Love them all πŸ™‚ knowledge is something I only really know recently how much I appreciate. What kind of things do you like knowing (or anything under the sun)
      Love, light and glitter
      May your sunday be filled with sunshine and sparkles


  8. I’m grateful for anything that enhances life! Innately, love, friendship, faith. Specifically, inventing the Keurig has totally improved my, …functioning. β˜•οΈπŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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