Sign in toilet paper aisle: Dear shoppers. Due to the recent outbreak of stupidity and panic purchasing by complete idiots, the nation is currently experiencing a shortage of toilet paper and common sense. Expect supplies to be replenished once these sheep minded morons have have all starved to death in their homes surrounded by toilet paper but without anything to it.
Back in my day there was so much toilet paper, people used to literally string it up in the trees of their enemies
Grumpy’s self isolation diary. Day 15. Thanks to the toilet paper shortage I’ve finally found a use for Kale
Everything is going to be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.
If you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for a 24 day quarantine you should probably see a Dr long before Covid 19.
There is light even in the darkest places.
Image for 4 toilet rolls, wipes and hand wash. Looking to trade for 2018 Escalade or $30,000 in cash. Don't snowball me. I know what I have.
Image of nurse with patient. Your covid 19 test can back positive she says. That can't be, he replies, I have more than 300 rolls of toilet paper.
I was going to get you a really nice gift but I spent all the money on toilet paper.
Birthday card I thought of buying
Look how much you’ve already managed to adapt to. Look how resilient you’ve already been. There’s no right way to respond to this because it’s never ever happened before. Give yourself some credit. There’s no one in the whole world who has this figured out yet. So it’s absolutely okay if you don’t either ❤

Covid 19 quotes 6

Covid 19 quotes 5

Covid 19 quotes 4

Covid 19 quotes 3

Covid 19 quotes 2

Covid 19 quotes

Coronavirus – chad gadya

How do different countries react to the corona virus?


55 thoughts on “Coronavirus quotes 7: toilet paper

        1. Pretty busy here and trying to go out. Today I baked cakes, one worked and I flopped the other. It’s still in the over for half an hour so we will see… and I’m on here lots (won’t be thurs till Saturday, I’m scared of being bored then).
          Are you doing anything with your time? Do you have an about page?
          Love, light, and glitter

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            1. Found it! Though it doesn’t say much about you. Happy blogging!!!
              Not really. I enjoyed the witch books by James Nicol. In the middle of reading some books by Jenny Colgan, and read the memoir Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle (a diverse mixture).

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                1. I’ve always loved Jenny’s books, which is why I’m reading some now. She has some really nice island ones, I think those were my favourite. I just reading talking to addison and Amanda’s wedding. Now I’m in the middle of looking for Andrew McCarthy. I have to figure how to renew them so I don’t lose them in 4 days. I’m guessing you’ve read her books? What books have you read recently/do you like?

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                    1. I should check those out. I love the railway children, the secret garden, the house on the prairie (something like that. Also just read). Black beauty. What katy did series. The little princess. I know the more current classics. The little prince, the lost prince..

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                    2. Cambridge, in my opinion, is much more scenic. My childhood was spent punting on the river – it was beautiful… I live now in a much more bustling city scene. I suppose they both have their benefits, but Cambridge will always be closer to my heart.

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                    3. Maybe one day you’ll get back to somewhere like that. I’m pretty certain another blogger is from cambridge or the likes… lol of course there are people there but I mean someone I know.
                      Take care…. I hope the next week is good for you

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  1. How I wish I could have said that was me that put that sign up at the supermarket in the first one.

    And the other I especially like, is the one to do with the 144 toilet rolls for 14 days, then you should have seen your doctor long before.

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      1. I was a rebellious kid 😉 I also wet clumps of toilet paper and threw it up on the ceiling. It looked better when you did it with different tp colors too. Ask my mom, she had to take the broom into the bathroom and clean the ceiling haha.

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