I haven’t often written to myself in the past months and although I talk about what letters to myself have given to me I don’t have any on my blog. I may copy out the last ones but this is from this morning.

Dear E

It is day what of coronavirus? It’s 2 plus weeks since schools shut. I’m losing track of time. It must’ve been longer. Can we just skip today? Every day comes to teach you something. You’re learning to be. Be with yourself. You’re learning how important some things are to you. You’re tuning in a lot more to the source of a world.

Day what of Covid 19? We’re in April 2020 now. It started in December 2019. Conspiracies abound. What caused it. Who cares?

Learn E, learn. Learn from it. Learn from this time. Of endlessness. Learn to be with yourself. Learn who or what the infinite is. Know it is within you. And connect.

You’re never alone E. I’m always and will always be with you. Even if you mess up. I love you and always will. You’re worth it.

Always and forever



13 thoughts on “Letter to myself: 6th April 2020

  1. Music is known to calm and heal. Most everyone has a phone, computer, tv, radio, and a way to get to music. Get the music going, fill those lungs with music, sing and accept your healing.

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  2. I am finding that I have lost track of days too Eliza, especially this week – the days run together a the last thing I hear before I go to bed is a story about stats of the health crisis and the first thing in the morning, same thing.

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      1. Yes, this is true – I haven’t listened so much this weekend – our State is the third worst in the U.S. as we have so many deaths/cases. That is in my county and in the City of Detroit that racks up all the stats. Detroit is not that far from me at all. There is a proportion of people getting COVID-19, a high concentration of Black people – they have noticed it in other cities with a large Black population. That is something the scientists have learned.


          1. Thanks Eliza – the stats are really not good for Michigan, so that’s why I had a few days wavering about keeping up the walking. Then went out again for my mental health. But not taking a camera right now – worried to have my hands around my face.

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