Day 16: Which new places did you see and love?

Spain! The islands and beaches there are awesome.

Gratitude challenge day 16: Recognise three things that you usually take for granted?

I don’t think I take them for granted, but breathing, my garden, and my family.

Looking forward to hearing your responses…

Love, light, and glitter


27 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge: Day 16

  1. I think I take my well being for granted many a times. I guess family, assuming they will always be there and a close third will be free time!

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  2. Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and the West Bay Beach at Isla Roatan, Honduras. Pure awesome.

    I took meetings for granted till this crazy $#!+ broke out!

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    1. Do you have pictures of those places?
      Thanks for sharing!
      There’s nothing like missing something to make us appreciate it. I don’t yet miss anything, I love all I have time to do more, just feel bad that my students are stuck at home. Some I don’t mind for, and some will be losing out a lot…


        1. They’re awesome! Thank you… at least I know what case to get if I’m ever brave enough to dive (we were once going to but the guy said the waves were too strong that day and there was no other day).

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  3. Hhhmm reading this one made me realize I really need to see some new places;) But I enjoyed Luxemburg, it’s picturesque.

    I definitely take my grandparents for granted, feeling good when I do, and my parents. I guess my family as a whole, I do tend to take em for granted. Thanks for raising awareness!

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  4. Loved my garden back in the day, but got rats from the neighbor, my butterfly garden was wiped out from a Polar Vortex and then I started walking … but it was very gratifying to work in it back in the day. I have no family but I am grateful for friends and breathing as well.

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    1. 🙂 when my sister had a stroke and had pneumonia from it, it taught the value of life, of every breathe we can take…
      Your country is filled with so much character, life, diversity, and beauty. Not that I saw much…. next time I hope to tour the old Jewish communities…
      Love, light, and glitter

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      1. I am sorry she had to suffer, yes at the moment for many suffering it is to hang on with every breath. I do hope you can explore the Sephardi history and there is a great revival of Sephardic songs in ladino. I came across the music first in a synagogue in Rhodes. Some Sephardic Jews escaped there during the inquisition and kept their language and culture alive.

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        1. I would love to do a full tour one day. If I had others who wanted to I’m thinking of who I can ask. Would just need to save up money first!! I’ve never heard the songs. I’ll have to check that out…
          Love, light and glitter

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          1. Hopefully one day you will be able to. I do think travel is important to far off places. Here, there has been a tendency for a lot of short weekend breaks and some cities overwhelmed with tourism. That I think might change to hopefully longer stays and deeper experiences. Something good to save up for too. Take care.

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