Why is it that the people who want to live, die, and the people who want to die, live?

So long as there is life, there is hope.

Love, light, and glitter


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  1. Why, Eliza? Perhaps it’s a valuable lesson, and we all would profit from its example.

    Get the most from the time we have, and if we’re granted the years, fill them with vigorous purpose. That way, when our time comes, whether it’s tomorrow or in a century, we’ll be ready for what’s next, and we’ll be content with our legacy.

    Perhaps, even, the current stage is but a test, to see how we’ll handle the eternal.

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    1. Perhaps.
      Anything is possible!
      You read it the right way.was scared of posting it for it could be perceived differently to how I meant it. The previous 2 posts that come before this I passworded.

      Love, light, and glitter

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    1. Definitely! Thanks for commenting. If you read my gratitude post you’ll see I feel that way.
      Maybe I shouldn’t have posted this. It’s the 3rd I posted yesterday – someone close passed on, but passworded the previous 2. Although some of it is positive I want only some in public blogosphere.

      One thing I wrote in the second one:

      I really feel that we are all so afraid, as I said. So afraid of what? Yes, we have to take precautions. Same way we look when we cross the road and don’t just cross without looking. We don’t need the fear. If we’re meant to die, we will. Even without the Coronavirus. If we’re meant to live, we will. A few years ago I never dreamt I’d be here. I was sure I’d have killed myself, and I definitely did enough that could have done that. If we’re meant to live, we will. Every moment is a gift. I know, gratitude challenge of today https://elizajourneythroughlife.home.blog/2020/03/25/1731/ – recognise today as a gift.

      Why’m I rambling?

      Take care of yourself and thanks for passing by

      Love, light, and glitter

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      1. Hi Eliza! In 12 step recovery lingo, the antidote to fear is faith: we have to believe and trust our HP to take care of us. He is running the world, not us. Even when we are uncomfortable, it doesn’t mean that what we are experiencing will not ultimately be good. We just don’t have the perspective from where we are in this moment in time. Be blessed! This too shall pass.

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        1. Actually, my aunts passing shows me that more than ever. The world is all so scared of dying. When, here she passed on from cardiac arrest. If one is meant to live, one will. Take precautions, yes, but live, with joy. Faith and fear both require belief. Thanks for the reminder:)
          Love, light, and glitter

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