A sheep perched atop a hill. Just sitting there staring in the distance. Water in the background.
A white sheep and a black sheep behind it. On a grassy hill. Both looking at me.

Love, light, and glitter


23 thoughts on “Photos of the day: Sheep

  1. The first picture looks a bit muted, perhaps, but scroll down to the second one, and you’ve provided pops of color. Promising progression, Eliza.

    The sheep study their surroundings – “C’mon grass, grow!”

    It’s spring, so, wish granted.

    Poof! You can do magic, Eliza!

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    1. I’m glad! Could you see the alt texts here? Asking coz I did it differently, not on the laptop.

      I’m trying to stay away from the drama at the moment. Spent enough unnecessary time freaking out.

      Take care of yourself…

      Love, light, and glitter

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      1. The sheep in front, another in back and the grass? If so, yes.
        That’s a healthy approach I want to take, but I’d rather follow the progress and know bit by bit, than be surprised later on. Take care!

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