Are there any wordpress gurus, or technical experts, who know how to do this?

Someone created my site elizareasonstolive.com and is moving hosting, so is downloading the site, and I’ll have to either find hosting and transfer it to a new hosting (or get someone to do that for me), or merge the site with this site.

Is there anyone who can talk me through it step by step? Or do it for me? Or know someone who can do it?

Any ideas whether I should keep it as 2 sites, or merge the posts into this site? I don’t actually mind merging the posts here, it’ll be easier to have one site in a way, although it’ll be a shame not to have a site that really is only reasons to live. Not sure….. and if I merge the two I probably won’t have enough space on here for it. However it works….

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions, help would be appreciated…


Love, light, and glitter

14 thoughts on “Merging blogs, downloading blogs, wordpress help

  1. hey eliza! i think merging them might be more difficult than simply getting new hosting for the reasons to live site. if you download the content of the blog (probably as a zip file) and create a new wordpress site for it, you should be able to upload that zip file and retain all the content of that blog (at least theoretically, there may be some problems with themes, but all the data itself will be there somewhere). then, if you like, you can buy a domain name with wordpress hosting (which is what i have done for my site) and access all of the wordpress themes etc . i hope that makes sense?

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    1. It does make sense. Thank you!! I’m not sure what will happen, but I guess we will see how large the file is. The person who hosted it is downloading the entire site I think. Not really sure… will see if I can figure it out… thanks for explaining it.

      Love, light, and glitter

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  2. I totally understand your reasons to keep those two separate. However, I think it would make things easier for you and for those who read your content to have things in one place. You can just do different categories.

    As far as the merge is involved, I’m not sure, but I would reach out to a WP engineer.

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    1. It’ll be easier together I’m thinking. Even though they were such different goals. Really, I can always separate the two if I ever want to do anything with the reasons. Do you know how to find a wordpress engineer? I’ll end up doing whatever is the simplest….

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    1. Thanks!! I comments on a post and I’ll check it out later or something. When I know more. It will definitely be better to be in full control of my site.

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