The bottom third is land. A couple inches above that are clouds with the sun behind it. There are sunrays going down between the cloud and the land. Above is the sky and clouds. I was trying to capture the sunrays here.

16 thoughts on “Photo of the day: sun-rays behind the cloud 95647

  1. Nice snap, Eliza, both in terms of the color composition and the lighting. Even more so, though, for the hopefulness the picture conveys.

    Focus on the clouds, and they seem universal. Zoom out a little more, and you see the sunlight, both above and beyond.

    Great pick-me-up for a virus-obsessed March Eliza!

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    1. That’s what I was trying to capture. The light.
      Hearing the reaction to the virus here scares me. No containment. No nothing. Which puts the minority at risk.

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    1. Thank you! Nice post…
      Love language means how do you express/receive love. What counts as love to you? Does someone telling you thank you mean to you that they love you. How about if they make you breakfast. Or tell you how much they appreciate you. Or buy you a gift. Or spend time with you. Or cuddle you…. every person gives and receives love. Some people give and receive love in predominantly different ways. Knowing love languages helps because if for one person doing things means I love you and another person hugs means I love you, if they don’t recognise the love behind it they will both feel unloved and unappreciated. If they know it they can both try give the other what means love and recognise what the other is giving. If that makes any sense…. there are love language tests that are mostly a waste of time. Understanding it means you judge for yourself unlike tests which aren’t accurate but are helpful for understanding.

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