Caution! The Corona virus is spreading very quickly, and its happening mainly through cash notes. To stay safe put on disposable gloves, gather all your cash notes in to an envelope, put it outside your front door, and I’ll come by to collect them asap.

19 thoughts on “Quote for the day: Corona virus and cash

  1. Ha! Just the medicine we need, Eliza. Not merely surviving the crisis, but doing so with a smile!

    The news, if you pay it too much mind, is overwrought. With one hilarious post, you surpassed all of it. With room to spare too.

    Miracle cure, Doctor!

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      1. Received an email from HR today, advising employees to wash their hands frequently, and to stay at least six feet from others. Um, we’re in an office. How, exactly, are we supposed to manage that second part?

        OK, I’ll take that message to heart. Keep away from colleagues. What you’re telling us. HR, is that we’re to stay home (with pay. of course) until this whole virus nonsense blows over?

        That’s my interpretation. Forward my paychecks to the Caribbean beach where I’ll be loafing. If I’m napping, just leave the paycheck beneath the nearest available coconut.

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