21 thoughts on “Photo for the day: sunshine behind the cloud

  1. Inspiring, Eliza, and it captures beautifully the prospects for those of us in the northern hemisphere.

    Sun, warmth, etc. are in the ascendance. Time soon for vacations, gardens and the sparkling laughter of children at play!

    See what you started with one perfect photo?

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    1. I know! Right? Really I have loads of pictures I planned on posting for you (and password protecting some) but somehow when I come on here even if I don’t click anything it marks a number of comments read and I didn’t want to do that when I wouldn’t have time to go through, and then sometimes the older unread ones disappear, so, one day.
      Love, light, and glitter

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      1. Thank you for thinking of me Eliza (in many ways) and I still think you could have a blog of just your photos. I still have a lot of photos to use – I went through them last weekend. I thought I had lots of time as we were supposed to have a bad Winter, but our Winter was not as bad as predicted, so I was able to get out more. I probably have enough til the end of this month, maybe longer. I am having problems here at WordPress responding to comments and also having to log on each time I get here –
        I am not the only one with a problem. Love, light and glitter back at you!

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        1. I wouldn’t be able to keep up with so many blogs. This way I still post my pictures. Now, I have too many to choose from. After the holiday of purim I’ll have more time – and then I’d like to finish the gratitude challenge I started.
          I’m glad you had a better winter than expected. I like it to be nice for you…
          Love, light, and glitter

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          1. I have sorted all the photos I’ve taken in February and late January. I have the same dilemma and had the same dilemma in December when the weather was nice and I went out every weekend. At least I did not wear myself out shoveling all Winter. It was a pleasant surprise to be mild – I hope it stays that way … we have had snow in the third week in April before.

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