Friday – Acts of kindness. I haven’t posted one in too long…

Acts of kindness – free water. I mentioned in my previous 2 Free Water Acts of kindness posts (The bottle of water 1, The bottle of water 2) that there was a third time I got free water. So here is number 3. I wrote about it on my reasons to live site but couldn’t post the pictures. Reason to live 143 – the bottles of water.

We were driving down the road and saw these stacks of water

Crate with water stacks
Crate with stacks of water

The guy who was there offered us a stack of 24 – just because. He lifted it up and put it in our car. He offered more, but I was way too shy to accept (free water, why not?)

Bottle of water on wall by ocean
Bottle of water on wall by the sea

It was a real favour because I only drink bottled water, and I really liked the shape of these bottles! These bottles were square! Brecon Carreg if you’re Welsh… and I didn’t need to buy anymore water whilst I was there because I had these!

I’d love to get back to writing the acts of kindness posts…. I feel like I’m running after my tail sometimes…

What act of kindness has someone done for you, can you do for someone else, or have you heard about recently? I’d love to hear, or you can link your posts…

Love, light, and glitter


23 thoughts on “F:AK – The bottle of water – Free Water 3

  1. Today, I struck up a brief convo with the receptionist at the therapy clinic. I specifically asked her name, used her name, and thanked her, saying I know front desk jobs aren’t easy, that they don’t get much appreciation. She SMILED so widely and thanked me, and she sounded like she appreciated it!

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      1. I totally was anxious and kinda rambly with her but she got the gist of my words πŸ™‚

        (I went off on a tangent about working in IT which contrary to popular misconception that it’s good for social anxiety, has a lot of customer service work face to face, usually with frustrated people)

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  2. Today, my therapist was so kind too πŸ™‚ I kept apologising as I talked, because I was very afraid that talking about wishing she was my friend, wishing I could show her reciprocal support etc would be a boundary violation. It was very kind of her to listen, accept my feelings, tell me I don’t have to worry she’ll take it as a boundary violation.

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  3. That was very nice of him to give you all the water and I like that picture you took of the bottle Eliza. Unexpected acts of kindness are the best as they are unexpected Consider yourself blessed with that kindness. Love, light and glitter.

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          1. Well thank you – I have been gone all day and have been trying not to come here in the morning now that it is lighter … that may be a mistake by the time night comes. I went on a long walk today as the weather was just glorious … very warm and not characteristic for a late February day. I had to finish up my taxes so I could take them to the account tomorrow. I wish I knew how to do them myself, but I have never learned how and been working since 1973. Finally landing here. And way too late.

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              1. I did some errands this morning – took over the taxes. Our beautiful weather is about to go away with lots of snow over the next few days (if it happens … sometimes they are wrong, but it is a sizeable amount). Do you not have to pay income tax after you retire in the UK? How nice! We have to still do our taxes even after we retire and no longer work. I wish I knew how to do it – save myself some money. My parents took my returns right after I started working at the diner as they went for years to a CPA too … I just continued doing that.

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                1. I wouldn’t know when you do or don’t pay tax. My employer does it – you say how much you’re earning and I think it’s automatically deducted from my wage. I guess that means my school sends it, or something. Dunno really…

                  I hope the snow is pretty. Have you done your shopping yet?

                  Love, light, and glitter

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                  1. Unbelievably when I did some errands yesterday, I ran into the grocery store and didn’t need anything, but they had peanuts on sale – got lots of peanuts and Nutter Butters for me for Fat Tuesday, but predominantly their peanuts … guess who rules in this house?

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                    1. Yes, they are happy too. I worried I’d run out as even the ones at the house are dependent on them – too cold (and now snowy) to forage for food, so they are used to coming here. Love, light and lotsa glitter back at you Eliza!

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  4. wow, kindness like this would have been incredible to see in aus while we were battling bushfires – which are finally out for the first time in TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DAYS.

    also, square bottles?! that is so weird, but actually makes a lot of sense

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    1. Yeah, they’re gorgeous bottles! Were you near the fires? Thanks for reading, passing by and commenting… I really appreciate it!
      Love, light and glitter


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