Day 8: What new connection are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for a whole lot of people. I’m grateful to know that some people I work with are interested in me. I’m grateful for building – slowly- a friendship with someone, the kind that won’t be deep or intense and just fun. I’m grateful for the connection I’ve started building with a source. I’m grateful that I can connect to people. That what used to be unsafe and impossible can exist.

Gratitude challenge Day 8: Send flowers – or something nice – to someone you care about.

Hmm, what counts? I have a keyring for someone, and actually, I baked and gave someone cookies today. Forgot about that. It’d be nice if I made something to give to someone. Maybe more cookies…

Love, light, and glitter


19 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge: Day 8

    1. Thanks Kate!

      Not like I planned on 🙂 but going to keep with it, when I can. Even with all the posts prepared (not the answers, the questions), it takes time… and I have to go with it, and even if it’s not the way I planned it, it can be a good thing:).

      So much for 5 a week!!
      Live and learn.

      Love, light, and glitter

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        1. No. There are fast days when the days have got meaning and the focus should be on the meaning of the day so fasting helps focus on the essence (if a person has any issues with fasting whether emotional or physical than they’re told not to fast). before the Jewish new year there are 40 days supposed to focus on connection to a source and making yourself into a better person. Mostly, the view of the physical world is that it’s been given for us to enjoy and appreciate.

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          1. See your fasting would be more spiritual … many Catholics do give up something, sometimes food, sometimes otherwise, but the day before Lent has turned into a holiday of feasting of sorts. When I lived in Canada, it was simply known as Pancake Tuesday and we had pancakes for dinner (a rare treat as my mom made a home-cooked dinner seven nights a week … when my father was gone, I helped break her of that habit). 🙂

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  1. I’m trying to rack my brains and figure out which one of my connections is new… I think I am most grateful for my new connection with myself. The idea of being able to connect with myself and being totally fine (okay, okay, almost totally fine…:)) with who I am, who I really am.. As I recently told someone, I used to hate being weird but now I don’t ever want to be normal. To me being normal means being like those bullies who used to call me weird, being like people who could never imagine just being themselves for fear of what other people will think. I’m weird, connected to who I am, and proud of it! (LOL that was a long ramble, thanks for allowing me this space, Eliza!)

    Will have to keep the challenge for a different time, won’t work out practically right now… Maybe I’ll send my friend flowers on Friday, she deserves it!
    I’d love to sample those cookies too;)

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    1. It was a nice ramble… reminds me of the magnet I bought, something who wants to be normal, I mean, do those people even have fun?
      I don’t think there is any ‘normal’. The people who are clones of others either do so because there isn’t much thought in their life or because of insecurity.

      Sure, if you ever come here I’ll bake cookies for you 🙂

      Love, light and glitter…


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