Hey all, I haven’t done this until now. Thanks M for the reminder… I haven’t had time or been on because I’ve been busy with good things. I didn’t want to do this half way either, I wanted to ensure I had time for the challenge. I’m looking forward to continuing with this, aiming for 3 days a week. And I’m looking forward to hearing/reading how it was/is for you.

What new skill are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for mindfulness. For being able to ground myself and focus on what is going on around me in the present rather than staying only in my head. Something I’m still learning… which ties in with today’s challenge.

Gratitude challenge: Meditate for 10 minutes

I’m going to try and listen to a mindfulness breathing recording for 10 minutes. I’ll put on the one that is about 10 minutes long…

Love, light and glitter


11 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge: Day 4

  1. Hope you’re stomach has definitely settled by now! And happy you’re busy πŸ™‚ don’t get too busy though – you come first:)
    I had to think about this one, but I guess I’m grateful for learning how to open up and communicate better!
    Not sure I’ll be doing the meditating, I’d rather just chill with an episode of my favorite show… I’m grateful for that though;)!

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  2. Congratulations on the accomplishment, Eliza!

    Winning tactic, shutting the door to all stimuli for a while. The troubles and anxieties aren’t used to being ignored. Many seem to have left in a fit. “Well, I never…”

    Now that you have all this extra brain space, you’re filling it with good stuff, interesting stuff…Eliza stuff.

    Smart move, as was taking on this whole Gratitude Challenge. Inspiring results so far! What’s next?

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