Gratitude question: What moments are you grateful for?
Gratitude challenge: Write down three things that you are thankful for.

These can be answered any way wished. I’d love to see your answers… if you join please share your posts or link it so I can read it. I’m aiming to do the challenge for 3 days this week and three days next, then hopefully for 5 days going forward. Join whenever you wish, and have fun!

Day 1: Write down 3 things you are thankful for?

  • Nature
  • Connection
  • That I now want touch – even if I can’t ask for it or get it.

Day 1: What moments are you grateful for?

I’m grateful for moments of beauty
Moments in nature
The times I get to see
The full picture.
I’m grateful for the moments of life
That are living reality
Particularly for the moments
I’m able to just be.
Every moment is a journey
One I want to be thankful for
Take a breath and say
I want life – for sure.


Some of the moments I’m grateful for in pictures.

Love, light and glitter


36 thoughts on “Gratitude challenge: Day 1

  1. 1. I’m thankful for laughter. It really is the best medicine!
    2. Thankful to have as much physical ability as I do have, I’m all too aware it could be a very different story and I’m grateful it’s not.
    I’m grateful for sunshine. Just can’t get enough of the stuff and love to feel it’s warmth on my face.

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    1. I love the feeling of sunshine… was standing outside earlier with someone and said that to them- how awesome the sunshine was…

      Thanks for sharing!!

      Love, light and glitter


  2. 1
    I’m thankful : age 2 my daddy prayed to God concerning his 105 temperatured seizures afflicted girl and I was healed. Almost died.
    2. Get to make choices outside a hospital , nursing home, and prison cause I know the afflicted beyond those walls can’t in some ways.
    Again I get to walk and enjoy nature cause the restricted can’t. Do my greatest to enjoy life.

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    1. Thanks for sharing Cathy. I’m glad you are here. I definitely don’t appreciate freedom enough. Thank you for the reminder… I love nature! It’s one of the biggest things to me….
      I’d love to hear about you…
      Love, light and glitter


  3. Day 1: Write down 3 things you are thankful for?
    – Grateful for time, no matter what time just continues and night fades into day and things change. Nothing bad ever stays forever.
    – Grateful for my sister, I don’t know how I’d survive without her. Despite major differences in our personalities, we’re mostly just there for each other.
    – Grateful for my job. Sometimes it gets a little hectic and overwhelming, but there’s nothing like teaching and inspiring young minds!
    Day 1: What moments are you grateful for?
    – SO many moments! But right now I’m grateful for moments of laughter, where I can’t manage to say what I want to, because I’m laughing so hard. They’re rare, but they’re beautiful moments, happening more often with the people I really love. Moments of truly being alive, real and pure vulnerability. Goofing off and not needing a mask – no moment can beat it!

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    1. Thanks for sharing R… I wonder if you will see this 🙂
      I didn’t know you got to read this…
      Thinking of you
      Love, light and glitter


  4. Splendid gratitude, Eliza!

    Not only do you appreciate these in principle, but you share the devotion, and deepen it, by passing it along to others.

    What a lofty aspiration for your photography and blogging, in that they allow others to thrill to the same things that motivate you.

    Thus, these things warm not just your heart, Eliza, but all our hearts!

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  5. I like this post Eliza. I remember some of these photos, but you have added more than what I’ve seen in other posts – I am grateful to have met you and you have a keen eye with your camera and should continue to incorporate as many photos as you can into your posts.

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  6. Amazing pictures, I felt like being there, a part of your world and I am grateful! For this beautiful connection we create between our souls, for the words that touch my heart, for knowing you. 🙏💕

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  7. wow Eliza, this is most impressive … you’ve made a very detailed post!

    I am grateful for
    1. WP and blogging family like you!
    2. for my health
    3. for wonderful memories of a life well lived

    Every moment is another opportunity to improve …

    kee it up, it’s beautiful ❤

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  8. Eliza I think this is wonderful.
    I’m thankful for everything. No matter what you face in life you’ll eventually learn something. Yes some moments rip your soul out but without those moments you wouldn’t be here…

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  9. Usually when I make a gratitude list, I think of things. You have gotten me to think about moments. Photos might be a good way to recall some of the moments I am most thankful for, like when I see smiles on the faces of those I love, that time I saw the hawk in my backyard, watching dogs run or play, swimming in the ocean, watching the sunset and thinking it’s over, but it’s not, because sometimes, it’s after the sun has gone below the horizon, that the sky shows off spectacular colors.

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    1. Thanks for sharing JoAnne. I usually think of a list of random things when I write gratitude lists, from what others have done to what I’ve done to nature and meeting people like you.

      Sometimes it is easier than others.

      Love, light and glitter

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