I wasn’t sure how to order the pictures so put it in the order I took them. Sorta. And from least favourite to favourite. Went for a 5 min run during my break today around this park which is a minute or two away from work.

Green grass rolling. Halfway up the picture is bare trees filling the next third and the top bit is grey sky.
I thought of Linda talking about how she likes the greyness. This isn’t black and white for I prefer keeping pictures natural
Walking through the trees
Grass against the sky

This tree is awesome there was more ivy coloured stuff – if this is ivy – but I only take pictures of what I love.

Love, light and glitter


13 thoughts on “Photos of the day – park

  1. Running confers physical benefits, as photography satisfies the emotions. Quite productive use of your break, Eliza!

    Remarkable how green the grass is, even in mid-winter. Here in the States it usually languishes beneath snow, which occasionally melts to reveal brown-ish, matted turf. I like your version better.

    Fascinating, too, to see the ivied tree in the first picture’s background, and front and center in the last snap. Nice progression!

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    1. Running helps lots!! I try running – I mean when I’m walking somewhere anyways – since a couple of years ago when I was freaking out and happened to run and saw how it helped. I’m not great at it. If I had someone to run with I’d run more often.
      Yeah, I know!! I only saw it when uploading the pictures… how it was in the first picture I took, too.

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  2. I like it – the grass looks very lush there – did you not have snow this year yet? Maybe a mild Winter like we had been having. I like the starkness of the trees – I would not have gone to the gray format either as it is nice to see how the sky is a dull color, the bare trees show up better and that emerald green lawn! I like looking at your picture Eliza.

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    1. No snow yet. I hate snow so keep it away please! Thanks:) it’s nice to post things that people like. And I was taking the photos anyways… the grass in the UK is usually always lush. The only time it isn’t is if there are a couple of weeks of heatwave in the summer, or the like.

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  3. Taking a walk during your work break is one of the best things to do. It recharges you. This park looks great. Still so much green. I’m surprised.
    The close-up of grass is amazing. And I have to agree that the last photo is just outstanding.

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    1. Yeah, I put them in order of my favourites- the favourite at the end. I loved the view of the grass… here the grass is almost always green. We really are lucky…

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