I saw the sky now and was in awe
Of the beauty of the sky. There to say hello to me
Purple, pink and blue, merged together. The photos weren’t doing justice to the reality.
From this angle the lamps streak across the sky and cover the picture.

Love, light and glitter

You are awesome and so worth it…


22 thoughts on “Photos for the day – sunset

  1. Gorgeous photos, Eliza!

    One thing, there’s no way you can produce photos like that from the U.K. Maybe you could if you were i L.A. or, like, Tahiti, but not from where you are!

    Do I get bonus points for being the first to guess you’re actually in the South Pacific?

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    1. I wish!!! Got to get up early tomorrow for an appointment before work. It would be awesome to be away…. it really is awesome, no?
      Love, light and glitter

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