I’m posting this for you Kate and Linda – thanks for your encouragement to post my pictures. I took these the other day and felt awed that I was able to get close enough to capture this kitten. I dislike zoomed photographs and the kitten let me come near.

A brown kitten meowing next to a pole on cobblestones.
Kitten crying
A brown kitten alert and ready
Kitten wary, deciding
A brown kitten leaving the scene.
Kitten leaving

Love, light and glitter


27 thoughts on “Photos of the day – the kitten

    1. It just wasn’t a scared kitten πŸ™‚ In some places in the world there are so many stray kittens that they’re not scared of the people, unless the people are attacking them.

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      1. I have a friend who shelters feral cats – she has shelters for them all year around as she lives in a part of New York that is very cold, snowy and blustery all Winter. She has heated dishes for their water and food so it does not freeze. She shelters them and when the kittens are old enough she takes them to a feral rescue adoption agency … she does not take in any as she has two cats of her own.

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          1. She does love cats and kittens and has been sheltering these kittens for years … in fact the Mama cat, every time she delivers her kittens, brings them over the Carol’s house for her to take care of them. πŸ™‚

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  1. Nice pictures, Eliza! They tell their own story, no? First, the kitten is cautious, then begins to relax when contemplating the sort of person you are, the “vibe” you provide.

    Finally, the approach. Yes, feral cats have become accustomed to people, but it still takes something special, something “extra,” to earn their trust.

    Obviously, it’s not just our species that appreciates you.

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    1. I love the sequence for that reason. Though it actually was running away then. It stayed when I was there but everyone was getting too close for it. Made me sad to hear it crying…
      I made the dish and I’ll make it again to take pictures. The first times I failed the fudge part but it worked the last time. Though failed the cake part then…

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          1. Cake, fudge, chocolate liquor? My God, how wonderfully extravagant! Unfolding layers of excellence.

            No pressure, but I hardly can wait! No pressure, you understand. My entire culinary universe pivots on this very moment, but no pressure, of course!

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