Sun setting behind some trees.
The top two thirds of the picture are grey clouds, you see it turning into pink, orange and yellow with some streaks, and some trees and houses silhouetted.
Sun setting. Top left of picture is grey clouds with a white streak.
The bottom of the picture are trees in the winter, behind which you can see the sunset - pink turning into orange, into yellow

So long as there’s life, there is hope.

Love, light and glitter


27 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Sunset

  1. Stunning, Eliza! Beautiful work. Usually, one has to be on vacation (somewhere tropical) to see colors like that.

    Did you know a gorgeous sunset was in store, and you waited for just the right moment, or did the scenery captivate you at that very instant, i.e., “Oh, I HAVE to get a picture of this!”?

    Either way, magnificent image!

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    1. The second option – I just had to get a picture of it. It’s kinda funny that I’ve posted this one and not yet the sunrises that I took ages ago (unless I posted that and don’t remember). This time it came out on the camera, often I see it and I just can’t capture what I see….

      Love, light and glitter

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  2. Just wanted to wish you a very happy Chanukah, Eliza! You’ve put in so much thought and effort and kindness that I’m sure your family will love your gifts, whatever you managed to get and make in the end. Have a lovely week ahead, try to enjoy the small joys and be comfortable, take good care of yourself πŸŽ„Β β™₯
    Caz xxxx

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