I was in the airport and got a free drink. Yet again :). I’ll share the first story another time. This time it was very providential. I had bought myself a water, and wanted to buy another but the price of the waters in the machines was double what I had paid when I first came through security. I didn’t want to pay so much money for a bottle of water when I felt it should be cheaper, and I didn’t have the coins on me, so decided to manage without it.

I was sitting by the gate when someone approached me and asked me ‘Do you want a bottle of water?’. I was a bit surprised and shocked, and asked her to repeat herself. She asked me again if I wanted a bottle of water. I told her sure, I’d love it. She told me her story, she somehow had gotten 2 bottles of water from the machine and hadn’t had to pay for it, and she only needed one bottle, so was offering it to me.

Was I the first person she passed? I don’t know. I do know that I was really happy to get a bottle of water.

There was a lot I was thinking afterwards. Just the day before my sisters and I were discussing acts of kindness that people do, and I was saying that people do acts of kindness all the time. I started telling them all my stories, the random acts of kindness’s that people have done for me. They asked me how come I seemed to have this happening to me all the time? Like someone paying my parking ticket, someone buying me a drink (this story is the second drink I’ve gotten), people getting out of their cars to direct me in parking, or as in the last FAK parking for me, taxi’s taking me to places. And I responded that people are just nice! One of my sisters suggested that maybe it was god/a source of the world showing me that he/she/it is with me. Maybe :). I thought of that now. How I wanted a bottle of water and wasn’t going to buy it for myself for I didn’t really and truly need it (as I had bought one and although I wanted two, I didn’t need two) so wasn’t going to buy it, and along came a really sweet women with her husband and offered me a bottle of water…

Image of the free bottle of water I was given in the airport - Vitalis
The bottle of water handed to me

What acts of kindness have others done for you? What acts of kindness can you do for someone else? What acts of kindness have you heard about or seen in the news recently? I’d love to hear, either here, or join in and post it on your own blog, and share it here.

Love, light and glitter

May your Friday sparkle with glitter behind the words

22 thoughts on “F:AK – Free water

    1. I do, too 🙂 I seem to have it happening a lot, but I think really everyone would if they’re open to it (maybe I’m wrong with that).

      Love, light and glitter

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  1. Just a bottle, Eliza, same as you could find in any number of places. Yet somehow, this one was a magic bottle, a benevolence destined just for you.

    “Just” water? Hardly. Look what it did. It showed you there’s a world of good stuff out there, just beyond your most immediate concerns. It’s a world that wants you be part of it. This was your invitation.

    We need you with us on this journey. Whatever we have to do to entice you. Even if it takes miracle water.

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    1. What do your last words mean? Yeah, I seem to always meet nice people. It was funny this story, coming on the heels of discussing this point with others who were trying to fathom it. I think really everyone is nice. The one time I was on a train and someone wasn’t nice to me – took the seat I was keeping for my special needs sister so their wasn’t space for me there anymore (there was for my mum and sister space still) everyone around was extra nice as though to make up for it. Mostly people want to help and give if they know you’ll accept it. I get people helping me park or directing me in parking so so often. Because people are just nice.

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    1. I had a bottle and wanted 2 on the journey. Why? Tap water isn’t good for me and there were no water fountains. I’m sure it isn’t all tap water but the places I’ve tried are so as a general I try steer clear.

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      1. I was just curious. I will usually look for a fountain as soon as I get inside security to fill up my water bottles. If I can’t find one, I’ll use the sink in the bathroom if the place is generally known to be safe. I do drink tap water at home tho (probably shouldn’t but I’ve seen the reports where most bottled water is just plain old tap water anyway- so why spend all that $$ for the same stuff). I figure where I live it’s not going to help me trying to be cautious with water when the air if so bad. 😉

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        1. Where do you live? A lot of bottled water IS tap water. I know after the first time I drink because of how it makes me feel. I’m not saying I never have tap water for I often do but it isn’t good. What about boiling and freezing your water? My father is okay with that for himself where the water isn’t good. It helps because there’s less bad stuff ingested….
          Love, light and glitter


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