The number 89 is arbitrary. Just the number I chose on. I always title my random ramblings with numbers. Like 27615, 289201, 58217. I could find them all, but…. ya know.

Change. Life is full of change. And I’m seeing the change. I’m seeing the positive. Yet. Yet. Yet. I guess this is why I thought the first post would be negative. It’s not the negativity. It’s the, the everything?

I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing. I’ve started a pilates class which I’ll either be continuing or I won’t. It depends on the people doing the class, they seem to be uninterested in continuing, but it’s a group I really like, so if they do it, I’ll do it. I hope they do! I’ve joined a krav maga introductory class. I’m really loving it! I know I’ve only been to 2 classes, and there are only 2 more. I’m hoping there are more after this. I really like the instructor. I definitely find it hard to envision people and the need for it. Especially because I really believe that most people are good and that there most likely won’t be a need for it. But it’s fun. I’m looking forward to the next classes. I’m studying for a level 5 course. Supposedly doing assignments – although I’m not really doing it very much. Hopefully it’ll be done by the end of the year. And I’m working. I feel like I’m failing my students. Realistically speaking I can see that they have learned since the beginning of the year. I just see where I want them to be. Where they need to get to. How far they are from there. And I wonder if they’ll do better with another teacher. I know that for some of them what I teach is invaluable. Nearly half the lesson every day with one group is spent on discussing the feelings that is going on. How do we talk. The frustration. This group are finally settling down to learn though. I know that we do is worth it. They just aren’t where they’re meant to be. They’re not progressing as much as they can. And it is my fault. I need to be preparing more than I am. Find more games. It’s not true. I’m blaming myself for what isn’t my fault. With some of my other groups they’re learning, but what we’re learning is all what they are meant to have learned a year ago. I wonder if the way I’m teaching them is right. If really I should just go forward and let them pick it up on the way. And I know that they’re getting the grounding they need to. I know that all the students I teach, when they leave, they really know what they’ve been taught. They can use and apply whatever they’ve learned. I know it logically. Seeing it day to day, seeing how I’m going over the same things again, and again, and again, is tough. Though today I got a love letter from one of my students that I haven’t yet read. I guess it tells me I’m doing something right even if I find it hard to see. There is only one group of students who have learned, and/but they’re bright so there is nothing I’ve done for it.

My plan of action for group 1 is to first of all continue forward. Everything we learn new is going to take forever, so even though they’re not fully confident on what we’ve learned so far, go forward and keep going backwards too. Find worksheets, games and activities on what we’ve learned.

My plan of action for group 2 is easy. They’re bright and even though some of them take time to grasp new material, they learn, and they know. Keep on :).

Group 3, again create games and activities. Also go backwards. Bring to school what I bought for them and do the rainbow arc with them every day.

Group 4, again games and activities, on a higher level then the prior group.

Teaching anyone? I’ll look up some activities and resources now, and then maybe I’ll continue to a part 3, or I won’t. We’ll see.

If anyone teaches reading to anyone, and has ideas or strategies for teaching I’d love to hear.

Love, light and glitter


17 thoughts on “Random ramblings 89. Part 2 (teaching)

  1. The conclusion I draw, Eliza, from reading your “Ramblings” is that change animates your life.

    It fills your doings, and engages all sorts of people. If you look ahead to what you’ll be up to five years from now, I think you’ll realize it’s what you’re doing today, and then some.

    The second point is that you’ve done this yourself, Eliza. Nobody else has. It’s your curiosity, your hopes in fact, that have led you to learn, to teach, and to create.

    This is your spirit, Eliza. She lives within you, and she knows your story isn’t even close to being over. Matter of fact, we’re still on Chapter One. Not to rush you or anything, but I hear Chapter Three is particularly mesmerizing. And wait until you read what our heroine does in Chapter Nine…

    You won’t believe what you’re reading.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your hope…. I appreciate it lots (and lots and lots). Makes me think maybe it’ll be worth seeing what could be then…..

      How are you doing? How is your garden? Any plans for the winter/new year?

      Love, light and glitter

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      1. Battery currently at 68%. Thanks for asking, Eliza!

        The garden sends its regards, as it’s off to wherever it is gardens spend the winter. Maybe Bali? First to go was the lemongrass, and now all that’s left are the dependably winter-hardy chives,

        Right now, the garden snuggles under a thin blanket of snow, and the winter will add a comforter and a couple quilts over the next few months. Waiting for the first definitive thaw in mid-March to plant the arugula and mustard greens!

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        1. You know, the garden is a good example of life, how the cold is needed for the warmth. Why’m I being so introspective????????

          Maybe it should go to Hawaii! Or to the canary islands….. Have you ever toured Europe?

          I’d love to get your battery to 100% I like how you number it.

          Love, light and glitter

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          1. Again with the introspection, Eliza? Naturally.

            Such questions animate you and, if you’ll let them, they’ll invigorate.

            You’re much too curious, much too engaged, to allow the current Dark Thoughts to have the last word.

            You’re so much more than what they say you are. You know it, and so do we, those applauding from the gallery. Just the fact that you’re here, and not mumbling just to yourself, shows you’re weighting the scale in Life’s favor.

            Just as we begin leaning back toward the sun in a few days, so too do you prepare the garden for increasing warmth and the inevitable growth it will bring.

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  2. Good job, my dear Eliza. Whenever our thoughts are positive, the further waves and ripples of them will bring you success. So I wish you a good harvest, my friend 🙂
    Much love and a big hug to you 🙂

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