I was walking along and saw a really awesome rainbow on the pavement

Rainbow swirl on the pavement.
Rainbow on the pavement

It looked gorgeous and I thought of Linda (hi!)…

Rainbow reflection on the curb
Rainbow on the curb

Linda told me to take pictures of the amazing things I see, and just this once I actually listened…

Rainbow swirl
Rainbow swirl

I found the swirl so absolutely everything… I don’t think I ever usually see this or anything of the like reflected on the pavement usually.

I’m glad I got to see it now. See the energy and source reflected.

I love all rainbow pictures and would love to see your pictures… if you have any please share (and send me the link so I can see).

Love light and glitter

Keep the sun shining, and the rainbows coming. Rainbows are a reflection of light. The light in the midst of the rain. Reminds me of the story in the bible and a source of the world, if it’s true, promise. The light in the rain.



31 thoughts on “Photo for today – rainbow on the pavement

    1. The child I was walking with told me that people say it’s petrol. However, there was so much of this specific sheen within all the puddles – everywhere we walked had this sheen to the water, along all the roads, that we decided it can’t be petrol that caused it, for otherwise there was spilled petrol along every single road… although we can’t know for sure, I hope we were right!!

      Love, light and glitter

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  1. That is beautiful and thanks for noticing and saying “hi” to me Eliza. I’ve never seen anything like that and I cannot remember the last time I even saw a rainbow – it’s been years. I am glad you had that camera handy – keep it handy all the time. Remember I was going to do a long post called “Look up, down, all around” … I kept using all my cool pictures (remember I intended to use the contrails and used that contrail that looked like an “X” when I smashed my finger to say “X marks the spot!”.

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    I love rainbows too!!!
    So, I can’t attach the image here for reasons unknown, but, there was once a QUINTUPLE RAINBOWWWWW

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        1. I’m waiting 🙂 (joke, I can’t imagine your blog having images, but I would love to see if you ever do)
          Love, light and lotsa glitter


    1. 🙂 There’s beauty EVERYWHERE, I just have to see it 🙂 Truth is, I do see it. On the leaves, the flowers, the sky. I need to take and post more of the pictures…..

      Love, light and glitter!

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  3. i love this eliza … i love finding beauty in the most mundane things. and that rainbow is gorgeous! it must have been even prettier in person. thanks for sharing the beauty you stumble upon with us! ❤
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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      1. i’m well! finally got some inspiration for a postso i’ll have fun working on that (once my homework is finished!:)

        i’m excited for christmas break when my aunt is getting married – the first wedding in 14 years! – and all of my dad’s side of the family will be together for the first time in a while.

        how are you, eliza? ❤

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        1. I’m looking forward to seeing it!
          A wedding is major!!!! Especially to see all your family together….. I hope it’s awesome and way better than expected….

          I’m doing okay. Been super busy, which is good, too, and life is up, down and all around, which, just is.

          Love, light and glitter


  4. Okay so I have to reply to your comment here because I marked it as spam by mistakeeee(sorry).
    I’ve never seen a rainbow in Mumbai, but you can find all this amazing stuff online!
    Hope your cray week becomes less crazy…
    Here’s a few more rainbow links-


    (s0rry, I just needed to fangirl over rainbows with someone and now I finally can!!!)
    🙂 )

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    1. Okay, this brought me to tears. Thank you!!!!!!!!!! Like really, thank you. I needed to see something beautiful now.
      My weeks been swinging between ups and downs, but I haven’t as yet done anything stupid this week. And now just need to find a pair of shoes that I have no clue where they are, so have actually begun tidying my room – I have one shoe in my room I think, and one shoe somewhere around the house, and I need them for tomorrow (they’re my only wedding shoes that fit, and they’re junk, but at least I can wear them).

      If you mark something as spam you can probably find it in your spam folder.

      Love, light and lotsa rainbows!!!!!

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  5. You are veryyyyy veryyyyyyyyy welcome! Hope you find those rogue shoes( I can relate- my socks are quite roguish too, so I’m always stuck with mismatched ones.)

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