Officer helps homeless man struggling to shave

ABC News

A homeless man was struggling over a puddle on the street, trying to rinse off his razor and give himself a shave, when a Detroit police officer stepped in to lend a hand.

Jill Metiva Schafer happened to be walking by, and she captured the moment of kindness in a post on social media.

Image of officer helping shave.

“I took the picture because I thought it was such a kind, unselfish thing for an officer to do,” Schafer of Saginaw Township, Michigan, told “Good Morning America.” “With all the negativity that police officers get, I wanted to show them in a positive light.”

Schafer said she and her family had arrived for the Detroit Tigers game at the Comerica Park ballpark, but it got rained out. That’s when she witnessed the exchange between Stanley Nelson, 62, and Officer Jeremy Thomas of the Detroit Police Department.

Thomas said he had no idea anyone was watching when he walked up to Nelson.

“I walked up and I said, ‘Excuse me, sir’ and at that point, he’s like, ‘Ok, ok, I’ll leave and I said, ‘No, do you need some help?'” Thomas told ABC affiliate WXYZ. “And he turned around blindly and said, ‘Yes, thank you. God bless.'”

Nelson was attempting to shave after receiving a razor and shaving cream as a handout from a Good Samaritan.

“What he did for me, that was alright,” Nelson told WXYZ of Thomas’ gesture. “I really appreciate that because I’m going through my thing and I feel bad about myself, but I’m going to be alright.”

He went on, “God’s going to bless him for doing that for me.”

Thomas’ message is to help others whenever you can.

Thank you for sharing this story with me Linda

What acts of kindness have others done for you? What acts of kindness can you do for someone else? What acts of kindness have you heard about or seen in the news recently? I’d love to hear, either here, or join in and post it on your own blog, and share it here.

Love, light and glitter


12 thoughts on “F:AK – Police officer helps homeless man shave.

  1. You’re welcome Eliza – it makes you feel good to read stories like this. I’ve not heard anything lately, but the Amber Guyton verdict for her killing a supposed intruder when she mistakenly thought he was in her apartment (he was in his own apartment – she opened the door after a 16-hour shift at work as a police office and saw him/killed him. His name was Botham Jean.) At her sentencing this week, Botham Jean’s brother asked the Judge if he could give Amber Guyton a hug because his deceased brother would have wanted that. They both cried – he hugged her a good three or more minutes. You really have to see the video to get the full impact. She was found guilty of murder and sentenced to ten years of prison, likely parole available at five years. Here is this video of the brother and Amber Guyton hugging at her sentencing hearing from YouTube. If you want any backup for the story, let me know and I’ll find a synopsis and e-mail it to you. …

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      1. Yes it was a very moving video. The trial and outcome had everyone tense and the police were worried about some unrest had she not been found guilty. If you decide to use the video and want any backup info, I just went on Wikipedia which you can access, and can read the story here. If you want anything let me know and I’ll find a synopsis for you since you can’t always access news links from the U.S. I guess I am hard-hearted Eliza; I would find it difficult to forgive someone who killed a family member, even under those circumstances since it was an accident. After you read the Wikipedia story, when you get a chance, you’ll have to tell me if you think Amber Guyger should have been found guilty of murder …she was distracted not only by working a double shift at work, but also had been texting messages to her married partner whom she was having an affair with. (Yup, the plot thickens.)

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    1. I was thinking of the people on WordPress who’ve said there’s negativity towards the police.
      I’m not sure how I am. When I’m back from holidays then I need to figure out how to sort out my life. Things are pretty okay and there’s a lot that has to change too. Both :). Thanks for asking.
      How are you doing?
      Love, light and glitter

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