Happy new year! It’s Rosh Hashanah – the jewish new year – in just a couple of minutes. Which means I won’t be online for the days.

Just to wish everyone a year of peace, sunshine, sparkles. Love, light and glitter. If there is one thing I wish everyone would know, is how special they are. All of you who are reading this – I really appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you for reading. For being here. For being you.

I’m nervous for the days. Was panicking all day. Slightly calmer after jouranling, exercising and driving although really on edge. Won’t take much to push over, but, it is what it is. I know that the days will pass. I know that I’m not nervous about the days itself, more about the memories of the days.

Tonight/tomorrow is a new year. It’s about acknowledging that there is a source to the world who runs the world. I believe there is a source – the energy/consciousness/wisdom that underlies every cell. I believe this energy is always there. I haven’t worked through much, but that’s what the day is about.

Gotta run

L’shanah tovah u’metukah – may you have a sweet, good, new year.

Love, light and glitter

Image result for happy new year rosh hashanah greeting

Image result for happy new year rosh hashanah greeting

44 thoughts on “Rosh Hashanah – happy new year

      1. Welcome back from holidays Eliza – hope it went well. It’s been a dull week here – abysmal weather and today rainy all day and tomorrow. Not great for walking – hoping Friday I can get back at again.

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          1. That’s good Eliza – our rain has been torrential and stormy on top of that – so double ugh. I did buy several footwear so I could walk in Spring/Fall or Summer and got a pair of vinyl one-piece boots to wear for Parks that are waterlogged. The boots worked well, but aren’t really made for walking long distances. So I would go on the grass with them and being no seam, they are indeed waterproof, but not really comfortable for walking a lot. They have had the “Farmer’s Almanac” rep on the radio a few times and they all say we are having a Fall that is more like Winter and a Winter that includes 7 snowstorms and another Polar Vortex. Not looking forward to any of that!

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              1. I hope so too Eliza – I have not bought a single thing for Winter – we had rain both weekend days last week … I got a small walk in last Sunday, but going to the grocery store mid-day on a weekend means big crowds … I may go twice tomorrow … first early in the morning (after it’s light), then come home, dump stuff off, then go out for another load … I did that one or two times last year once again due to the rainy Fall we had. This weather is not being cooperative at all. Finally we have a clear morning, but according to the online weather it is drizzling?! And very chilly – just 51 F (10 C) – OMG. 🙂 Enjoy your Friday – Fridays are good, even if you have to go shopping twice on Saturday and it will rain (again) on Sunday.

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                    1. I guess I could – but I’d have to go myself. I will schedule something nice for myself when I am retired … a present to myself as I leave my working years. (Hopefully we don’t have a recession or I lose money invested in the stock market due to the current events and I do worry about that – I have no family to help me out if something bad happens.) I have a few items on my travel bucket list that I never got to – some family obligations after my father left so suddenly and took all the money out of their joint accounts and annuity accounts … he left my mom penniless and I supported us until my mom got on Medicare and Social Security and thus I put my travel plans on hold … I will make it up to myself later, God willing, as I still have four places in mind to see (Alaska, the East Coast of the U.S. – I would love to see the Fall foliage on a train ride through the New England states and Italy and France). I’d better hurry with Alaska as the beautiful glaciers are melting at an amazing rate … just heard that yesterday. If I see those locales, I will be satisfied as I did a lot of traveling in my 20s. Safe travels to you today Eliza.

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                    2. That sounds amazing! I love how you have it planned… Europe will be amazing in the autumn…
                      How long is it until you retire?
                      Thanks!! Leaving on Thursday, though tonight and tomorrow is Yom Kippur so it’s as though leaving really soon. Or, it is leaving really soon.

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                    3. I see – I thought seeing your family was in conjunction with Yom Kippur. Yes, my next trip I planned to take in 1984 was to Italy – I already had it planned and booked, but cancelled – I had only put down the deposit, not the balance of the trip. I plan to work until 66 I think … unless my boss retires first but he has promised to work until I am 66. So that’s 2 1/2 years. I am 63 1/2 now.

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  1. I’m sorry I’m a little late with this but Happy Rosh Hashanah! I hope you’re able to soothe yourself and keep your anxiety at a manageable level. Wishing you a positive, healthy, happier New Year  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks C. It was hard then but it’s over and so much calmer now that it is….

      Thinking of you…

      Love, light and glitter


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