This story touched and moved me. Thank you KDM for sharing it with me. I loved it because it is so awesome and fitting.

Jon Potter was once asked a favour and said no. He felt bad and resolved that the next time he was asked, he would say yes if possible. This led to saying yes to any favour he could help with for a year. And more. Numerous acts of kindness. From money, to time, to donating his kidney. He opened the Pittsburg good deeds site a couple of years ago. What brought him to fame was when he was given $500 that he was going to donate, others donated $1000 more to the fund which was given out.

Visit MSN for the full story.

WATWB is about spreading joy and light. The news keep on sharing all the negative news, so instead, anyone who joins WATWB posts the last weekend of the month a story that sprinkles glitter and sunshine through the days. To join WATWB click here.

What acts of kindness have others done for you? What acts of kindness can you do for someone else? What acts of kindness have you heard about or seen in the news recently? I’d love to hear, either here, or join in and post it on your own blog, and share it here.

Love, light and glitter


12 thoughts on “WATWB: Acts of kindness towards strangers

    1. I don’t recall reading about him. Shame, for I would’ve chosen another story. Either way it’s awesome πŸ™‚

      Love, light and glitter

      Happy Sunday!

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  1. That’s a heartwarming story Ellie – thank you for sharing it. It is a big deal giving a kidney. A high school friend of mine … her ex-husband needed a kidney and his sister gave him one in March of 2018. She told me they had to go to Boston, Massachusetts to have it done and had to be there a couple of weeks before the procedure and stayed in a hotel supplied by the hospital. He stayed an entire month – there had been some worries, but they are both fine now.

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  2. Lovely story. I decided on my 50th birthday that from that day on, every day of my life, that I will do a random act of kindness. That was 2 1/2 years ago and am so glad I decided to do this. It is easy – from letting someone go in front in the shopping line, taking someone’s shopping trolley back for them to paying for someone groceries who didn’t have enough and now volunteering visiting an elderly lady in a aged care home – it is amazing how it makes others and myself happy. I haven’t told anyone that Im doing it – it is just a vow to myself, a gift to those that I come into contact with. It shifts your focus from within to helping others.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this Michelle. I think I’ll copy you for the next week. I’m going to be mostly home with my family and not out at all, but even getting up and bringing someone a drink is kindness. Giving to others helps you get out of your own head. Which is one of the reasons giving is so important. In actuality I find that giving is about living, for then it gives some meaning and purpose to life. That’s something I often think about and know.

      Love, light and glitter

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