Bridges. Bridges. Bridges

The first bridge that comes to mind is the golden gate bridge in San Francisco

Image of the golden gate bridge

I was planning on writing a bridges post in response to Kate’s Friday Fun Challenge. I was specifically thinking about the bridges we build in relationships, how we mend them and repair them. How the bridges make the relationship that bit stronger.

Bridges take us from one place to another. From one world to another. They help us enter arenas we never dreamed possible.

Then I remembered this Ted talk that I once listened to and found inspiring, by Kevin Briggs. He worked by the Golden Gate bridge and was often there to give someone a reason not to jump. The bridge between suicide and life. It feels like the perfect thing to share.

Bridges. So long as we can build bridges, anything is possible.

Love, light and glitter



19 thoughts on “Bridges we build

      1. Honestly I am as good as I can be presently. I have been extremely busy as of late with so much and then two days ago life took a plunge and I am back to where I was before. It’s amazing how fast and easily things come tumbling back down when you start to build. I literally lost everything well mostly everything again. I am not sad not depressed just tired and ready to go. My health has not improved and I am tired of fighting a battle that I am not winning. And that is only the beginning. I thank you for all you have said in your posts you have helped me more than you may ever know but I am closer now than I have ever been.


        1. ((((hugs))))
          If you want to share you can always email me. I can’t offer advice ever for I’m sure I won’t have any.

          Sending sunshine and peace

          Love, light and glitter


  1. This is a beautiful post. You know, I’m often reminded just how much of a bridge we can become for people who are suffering too. Our words have such profound impact on other’s lives. One smile, one word can totally shift and transform a hopeless day into one that heals, brings hope and change. Our words are the bridge for so many, including our own selves – from death to life.

    Depression, anxiety, fear, worry, hopelessness and despair can be so powerful. It is my prayer that everyone has someone, even if a stranger, that will offer them a bridge back to life. Full life. Hopeful life. Joyful life. One filled with purpose and passion. We all need that love. ♥

    Praying your day is blessed, bright and full of love. 🧡 ~ Holly

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    1. Thanks for passing by Holly.

      This comment brought me to tears. You’re right. I’m thinking of a friend, who often texts me to say she’s thinking of me or ‘how are you’ and even if and though I don’t, can’t, share with her, it means so much. Your comments about words being the bridges for ourselves is so true. More than anything I’ve ever done, my words – journaling, whether through dialogue, rambling, blogging, the numerous letters I wrote to myself (a lot of which I’ve posted on my reasons to live blog) – are what have taken me from creating a perfect plan and making sure I’ll have what I need to implement it, to a place of looking forward to seeing what life may be.

      Thanks for the reminder Holly.

      I hope your day is full of sunshine and sparkles,

      Love, light and glitter

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    1. Thanks for passing by Soumili and taking the time to comment.
      I read a story set in San Francisco recently, as least, I think it was there, and it was such a nice story!
      It’s given me a desire to visit and see the awesomeness.
      Love, light and glitter


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