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What do you answer when people ask you what your scars are from? I came across this list here, I was laughing through it. Don’t worry about it. Because of me, they now have a warning label… “Oh, these?” *embarrassed face* “I know they look horrible, but the sex was INCREDIBLE!” …. The voices told me to do it…. I was walking into town and the aliens came down and started to battle with me…..

via Scars. What’s your excuse? — Reasons to live

How do you respond when people ask you about your scars?

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18 thoughts on “Scars, what’s your excuse?

  1. Most of my scars have faded. But when I was younger, I had a couple on my arm from cutting. I’d make up stories because I was embarrassed by what I thought was my weakness. Now that I’m older, I share my weaknesses more in hopes that my stories might help others see they’re not alone. Even though my scars are not as visible these days, I wear them proudly because they are a reminder that I’m a survivor.

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    1. Loved this! Thanks for sharing it…
      I can relate to the absent mindedness. When I was in school we were once told a story about a ‘great man’ who was so lost in his intellectual thoughts that he bumped into a lamp-post and apologised to the lamp-post. I couldn’t see what was so major about that. For I’d do that all the time. Apologise to inanimate objects because I didn’t realise that what I’d bumped into when thinking wasn’t a person.

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  2. People ask crazy things sometimes – no inhibitions. I have a chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead – it doesn’t seem that big now and it’s faded … when I had chicken pox as a kid, my mom said “don’t pick that chicken pox scab – you’ll have a scar in the middle of your forehead your entire life” … I didn’t pick it, it fell off and she said “but I told you ….”

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    1. Annoying that you still have the scar then…. people have asked me about the scars I have from acne, and I’m like I didn’t pick them. I don’t pick them at all. They leave scars anyways. It can be funny. The only people who it’s okay for them to ask is kids – who are innocent – and the elderly.

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      1. I SO agree with you Eliza – people have no manners anymore – you are right. I did not pick that chicken pox scab and likely rolled over on my forehead during the night and knocked it off. My mom said “I told you it would leave a scar in the middle of your forehead!” People are nosy and sometimes just without any class.

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    1. I love how you own your reality. There are some people I’d do that with – those who wouldn’t make an issue of it or change their relationship with me. If they’re friends of course they wouldn’t, but if they’re strangers or workmates…

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