I’ve been thinking about it recently, after my last WATWB post and Linda shared with me a gorgeous story, and I’ve so many acts of kindness’s to post, that I’d love to make an official, or not so official, Friday Act of Kindness post. Either every Friday. Or every other Friday. Or whatever. Come join me 🙂 In writing some acts of kindness posts. There are so many acts of kindness constantly around us. Either I (changing it to first person intentionally) can look at the good things people do, or the things they don’t do. The guy who just a couple of hours ago saw me parking and directed me. The woman who got out of her car to help me park. The guy who put his shopping down to direct me. I’m terrible at parking and seem to take forever. More often than someone hooting or getting frustrated with me (which happens of course), people help me, guide me and direct me.

The woman who watched me looking for a pound coin to pay for my parking ticket and gave me a pound to pay. The guy who bought me a drink in a foreign country – I had money but you had to pay by that countries card for some reason.

Acts of Kindness. It’s something I’d love to do, in addition to WATWB – which is about spreading news of light rather than dark, once a month. My WATWB posts are pretty much always about the random acts of kindness.

If you join, or if you have any stories to share, either your own – that you did, or that happened to you, or a newslink that you saw, I’d love to hear.

I’m not sure what to tag the posts F:AK (Friday: Acts of Kindness), AK (Acts of Kindness), or F:RAK (Friday: Random Acts of Kindness

I hope I’m not putting my foot in my mouth here, and that I actually follow through with this!

Love, light and glitter



15 thoughts on “FAK: Random acts of kindness

  1. I kind of like F:RAK. But FAK definitely raises eyebrows. And AK would be good if you wrote those on other days than Fridays.

    That’s great to hear that you encounter people who shine the light in the dark. It’s good that you’re being graceful about their help and not being ungrateful.

    I think it’s a great idea to write those down because I feel like these are things about which we quickly forget. Well, at least I do. Like now, I’m trying to recall an AK and cannot remember the details. Ah, that’s right – a fellow shopper let me in in front of them because I just had one item to check out.

    Also, I saw a news article earlier today about a man who bought 100 generators to donate to the people of the Bahamas.

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    1. I love it how often people are nice just because. I seem to meet them all often.

      I’ll try find that news article for this week. Hoping I will…

      Love, light and glitter

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  2. It’s a small thing… but I was having trouble parking my car and this guy came and helped me so much. He guided me through the whole thing. He practically saved me from having a panic attack…

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    1. Thanks for sharing. It’s not so small at all. It happens to me often enough. I hate hate parking and someone helping makes such a big difference… I’m glad he was there.

      Love, light and glitter

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  3. Which do you like the sound of better? I hope to continue it. Maybe we can all do it. I feel like we can choose what to focus on, and that the majority of people are good.
    Love, light and glitter


        1. I love thinking about the fact that you never know what’s going on in another’s life. A simple thing like a warm smile or a word of kindness may make all the difference to them. I know there’ve been times where I’m in a particularly melancholy or dark place, and someone will say something at random that happens to apply directly, and make my day so much brighter. You can help someone out of real hardship by remembering to go that *tiny* extra mile.

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    1. True. I love the acts of kindness. I just shared your blog with someone, you remind me of each other. Completely different age/personality, but the way you’re both connected and give off an aura of peace.


      1. Great – I hope there are no issues opening that link. I wanted to send the video of the guy getting the Spirit of Detroit award for paying the 98-year-old woman’s taxes but there was no written text, just the audio. You will not run out of stories at that site Eliza!!

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