I really enjoyed reading this – laughed my way through it. I can’t tell you that you’ll all feel the same, but I hope it provides you with a smile – if you read it that is.
Love, light and glitter


Hi, it’s Parker the Squirrel here.

I’m hijacking my nutty friend Linda’s blog today to tell you
what she did. She won’t mind – she loves
me. Trust me on that.

So, the other day I saw Linda coming around the corner, getting ready to cross River Drive to enter Council Point Park.  Linda had a white plastic grocery store bag hanging off her fanny pack.  “Yippee” I thought – lots of peanuts and probably Nutter Butters too.  So, I hurried over to greet Linda before the other squirrels reached her first.  I must ‘fess up, that I thought I should slow down a wee bit because of my sore foot.  It’s way better now, but I hurt my left hind foot a few weeks ago.  I was up in a mulberry tree chowing down on those sweet berries and I turned around to reach some more and saw a…

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