Sometimes I just feel like I can't breathe

I feel like I can’t breathe. Trying to breathe through it and ignore the pain in my chest/throat, mainly throat. So tired. So tired. So tired. Finding it hard to breathe. Went to the library. Went on a ride – drove. Friend came over. I wanted her to give me a hug. Couldn’t ask her for one. Too much in protection mode. Still feel like I can’t breathe. Freaking out. Don’t have a reason to. Not that I need a reason to. It’d just be easier, maybe, if I understood why I was freaking out, rather than freaking out over nothing. And if I’m freaking over nothing, I’m not looking forward to packing. I always freak out when I pack. So I’m learning to prepare in advance and pack earlier, I still usually panic. I’m not interested in freaking. I don’t know. Tired. Finding it hard to breathe and just breathing through it, which doesn’t really help at all. I wanted to go on the motorway but unsure if the mirror is up to it for it was broken yesterday so although it didn’t come out at all today – one of the side mirrors – not gonna risk taking it on the motorway until it’s been checked over by a mechanic. If on a side road and it comes out can push it back in but it’s not safe on the motorway. Why on earth do I care about safety? I want to use cocodamol. Not because I want to use. But to calm down. I want the cloud, the haze. I want the peace. I forgot, the last time I saw my GP I’d planned on asking him if he’d have any medication I could take on an as needed basis. I forgot to ask him. Mainly because I discussed 2 different things properly with him and I couldn’t ask anything else, but really I just forgot coz’ it wasn’t relevant. I’d planned on asking 3 months ago, and the appointment was pushed off and off and off. And now I can’t breathe. And it’ll pass. And tomorrow will be a new day. Tomorrow is always a new day.

Love, light and glitter


22 thoughts on “I feel like I can’t breathe

  1. i panic if im in a desperate hurry

    u may need to remain at home and get rest until the freaking out feeling subsides some

    yes good to have both side mirrors working to drive a motorhome

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  2. Er, so saying “Just breath” probably wouldn’t be helpful. *big eyes* You’re totally right, tomorrow is a new day. Or as I like to say, joy comes in the morning. Or as Tom Hanks said in “Castaway” You never know what the tide might bring in. 🙂 Hang in there. There is always hope. ❤ P.S. Thanks for the "follow."

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    1. 🙂 I tell myself to just breathe. Have you ever listened to that song? Its by Jonny Diaz. Joy dies come in the morning. With green and if you’re lucky sunshine. The tide may just bring in a birdcage.
      Thanks for passing by Tina.
      Love, light and glitter

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      1. Thank you Eliza … I felt badly when I read this post especially. I’ve done another post, yesterday the fuzzy-eared squirrel and today a little Woodstock and caught up in Reader last night. My boss is gone, but only until Monday afternoon! He didn’t leave til 3:00 p.m. Thursday and didn’t arrive until 10:00 p.m. Hope you are getting a little relaxation in … love, light and glitter sent back to you.

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          1. OK, will check it out – thank you – I’m hoping to get through comments here (I posted something this morning again before I went out) … it has started rumbling around out there as we are expecting a storm. I’m going to unplug the laptop if it continues. Hope your weather is cooperating?

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            1. Yeah. Sunny. And been a breeze! Did nothing all day and couldn’t take pictures. Though I’m assuming that the views on my day 1 and 2 were from you. Guided you through the day :). Sticky too. And dizzy when getting up. Hoping that when wake up tomorrow wont be having that (it’s pretty usual for me so nothing to worry about just annoying to be standing and waiting for blacking to pass).

              I saw you posted but haven’t read any posts. Just gonna keep up with comments to a couple of people, it’s kinda like email this except I don’t have my email address on my phone else I’d email you. I was going to write at the bottom of day 2 have a good day Linda but didn’t in case I ever give anyone the link. Can’t recall what else I was going to say…

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              1. Great that you’re having good weather – just asked you that in another comment. Yes, the comments are hard to keep up and I was caught up as of Thursday night, then I was doing comments as to the Woodstock post yesterday and other comments and never got to Reader yesterday or today. I’m going to try to do another post tomorrow – that will put the artwork in that I promised I’d put some paintings of the guy in the next block. So will do that tomorrow unless it’s bad weather. Must catch up a little in Reader first. Otherwise I’ll be behind big time like last week – six days. Hope the blacking out is done and you don’t deal with it tomorrow … I had a coworker who had that happen years ago, She’d have it and migraines and had to go lie down in a dark room until it passed. Hope it is okay when you get up tomorrow. It is starting to thunder out there … this weather is just such a pain anymore. Was hoping it would wait until overnight. Maybe it will pass.

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  3. Hi Eliza
    I am sorry I am late reading this. I hope that today is a great day for you. I wish I knew exactly what to say.
    It is great that you recognize that tomorrow is a new day, and a better day/ Always! It is great that you write about it. It always makes me feel better to get thoughts on paper.
    I guess what I am saying is that I care about you and I send you hugs, love and blessings! You matter to me! ♥

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