That elusive thing
Breathe in, breathe out
Another moment of life

Reaching the end of the road
Only one path to follow
The other paths concealed
By thorns, barbed wire and all manner of things.

The end of the road, only one path
The one path that will mean
There can never be another choice
Never be another choice

So final, so brutal, ultimate
Yet that seems to be all there is
Seems to be, seems to be
The only option there is

I wish I could come
Show you the thorns are roses
I wish I could come show you
The barbed wire is protection

I wish I could light the stars
Let you know there is light
The only path you see, you know
Isn’t the only path that exists

Death, death is so final
It leaves no other option open
Life, life is freeing, for there always is
Another possibility if you choose it.

I wish I could come
I wish I could come
And I can’t. I can’t.
For you’ve chosen the path
Of no return
You’ve chosen the path
With no other options. Ever.

12 thoughts on “I wish I could come…

  1. wow, this is powerful. it’s so frustrating to be unable to help once they’ve made that final, terrible decision. i’m so sorry. i’ll pray for you and for that person.
    power to the local dreamer ||-//

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