Finishing off the bag. At long last!

We sewed the inside bits so it lies smoother. The lining pockets would otherwise be falling down.

We chalked on and poked in buttons. They should be lower but it’s done. We began doing popper. I’m glad her classmate told me to get these as they take minutes not hours.

We pinned and sewed the last seam.

The bag. Completed. There are 3 inside pockets.

I’m really proud of it … I hope she had great use of it.

Over and out…


17 thoughts on “Sewing a bag. Part 7. Over and out…

    1. I’m really proud of it! I’d love someone to make one with me for me to use. Though a different size – I want a bigger one – and cooler straps.


    1. Thanks! I definitely appreciate compliments :). The inside IS professional. I know for next time to make the middle pocket – the middle of the inside – slightly smaller so that it doesn’t hang. I’m really proud of it! And she is too. Which she should be. She sewed everything herself!!!!! (I helped, but I helped with putting the bag in place and with focusing on keeping it in line, she did all the sewing).

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  1. Congratulations! I went to an “art in the park” event last Saturday. There was a guy there and he was selling vintage aprons. I told him I sewed some like the simple aprons with two strings (not strings … help me out here, pieces of cloth …) and a square. So those were $20.00 (16 pounds sterling … hope I am converting it right). They were just a square and ties! I took pictures of the simple one and then the fancier cobbler-style aprons … I have a pink striped apron I made for my mom in 8th grade back in the late 60s. If I can find it, I’ll include it in the post, otherwise will mention this guy and his aprons. He calls them vintage aprons. I should look at the pictures – I put them in a folder as I was writing last Saturday’s post (before I go looking for the apron which is somewhere in my messy house).

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      1. I agree Ellie – I am going to look for it this week – it will be a long post, so hopefully next weekend. It was the first item I sewed, so hopefully I can find it. Love, light and glitter back to you.

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  2. love it

    im an avid bag buyer n this is definitely the kind id buy

    how cool u know how to sew

    i stink at sewing

    great gift indeed

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    1. Thanks! That’s really appreciated.

      How many bags do you have and what kind do you like? I’d love to see pictures of some of them…

      I’d love to make a bigger one for myself one day.

      Sewing is creativity- I’m not all that creative and I haven’t yet learned how to thread a machine. But yeah it’s cool and I feel really proud of it and hope she has awesome use of the bag she sewed.

      If I ever make myself a bag I’m not sure if it should be my own design or if I should look for a pattern.

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