I’m on my phone so this will be short.

A few years back, I was telling someone how much I hated what I did, that why bother doing xyz if I anyways wasn’t doing ABC. He replied with the following a few times (whenever it came up). Identify with whatever you wish. You get to choose.

How do you want to think of or identify yourself?

One of the things I want to identify as is as a person who lets the light in. I can either focus on the times I’m freaking out, can’t breathe or want to destroy myself. Which happens. Or the times I write lists of what I’m grateful for. The moments I lie on my bed reading with the breeze caressing me listening to the wind, birds, rain or music and thinking how blissful it is and how lucky I am.

Nothing is ever perfect. There is no such thing as perfection. I get to choose who I want to be and how I identify myself. Do I identify with what I don’t want to be? Do I identify with what I do want to be? Do I identify myself with others thoughts of me or my own? It’s completely my choice and my choice only. It’s not always an easy choice. It’s way more natural for me to hate myself for doing or not doing something and staying with that. It’s way easier to let darkness rule rather than creating the light. I get to choose. Every single moment. Every moment is a new choice. A time I can choose something different. I don’t have to choose something again just because I chose something once. I get to choose. Again. And again. I get to identify myself. Create myself. Build. Whatever I want the edifice to be. I don’t need to know what it will be, how it will end up looking. I don’t need to know now who I’m going to end up becoming. Just the choices in the moment.

How do I identify myself? How do you identify yourself? What will you choose to focus on, and own, for just this moment in time?

Love, light and glitter



13 thoughts on “How do you identify yourself?

    1. There are things we do, that we identify ourselves by. Someone can identify themselves as someone who wears only a skirt, only short sleeves, by their brown hair, however they want. Sometimes I do things, which I would identify myself by. Say I say ‘no’ to one person and ‘yes’ to another. I can choose whether to define myself by the no or the yes. I can let the no define me as someone who is selfish. Or know that the ‘no’ doesn’t define me at all, for I get to choose how to define myself. It’s not others who define me, but myself, and I can identify with whichever I want. The first time I learned this was when I asked someone if there was a point in keeping to a,b,c when I was already going against x, y, and z. He told me to identify with whichever I want. With the going against. Or with the keeping to it.
      Does this make any more sense?


  1. As long as what and who you identify with does not harm others or yourself then it is a natural process for us all. Life is a issue for me, when I place to great a value on what people think of me. I am insincere, shallow and dishonest to myself when I do not consider my feelings, boundaries or needs. Great post Eliza.

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    1. Thank you for passing by and sharing that Mark.
      You’re right, it’s much more important to focus on what we want and not on what others think.
      Love, light and glitter

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