I loved this post. I love the entire blog to be honest – the drawings that go along with the posts are gorgeous. If you want to teach me to write so prettily :). The post is about recognising and honouring your emotional boundaries. Which is so necessary and important to us all. To recognise our boundaries. To keep to and respect our boundaries. This post ‘spoke’ to me since it’s something I’m constantly learning. That I exist and come first. How to protect myself. And that in reality, giving to myself and keeping my boundaries is actually giving to others. I’ve seen it both with myself and with others. When I give beyond my boundaries it hurts me and thereby the other. When others have given to me beyond their boundaries it hurt them, and ultimately hurt me. Anyways, after this ramble…..
Love, light and glitter!

Musings of Brown Girls

If you are a giving person by nature, a person that thrives on helping others and seeing them succeed, that can be a beautiful thing.

If you are always that person that people call to offload all their worries and issues on, if you are constantly picking up after other peoples messes and feel duty bound to do so… that is not ok.

When you feel overwhelmed and carry the weight of others problems and emotions on your shoulders and they feel better but you’re left drained, it is time to put yourself first and start enforcing your emotional boundaries more effectively.

Emotional boundaries allow for your best qualities to thrive in a safe environment and simultaneously allow for you to be the best version of yourself under the umbrella of self care.

Emotional boundaries separate your thoughts and feelings from others, allowing yourself the respect, time, care, privacy and…

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10 thoughts on “When to honour and recognise your emotional boundaries to avoid a burnout! BGN

  1. It is always good to remember your boundaries. Taking care of ones self is necessary too. That is something that oftentimes gets neglected unfortunately. I know this all too well. Remember yourself and remember that you’re just as important as they are.

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      1. You and others here have helped me more than you know. You sharing your thoughts within your writings reminds me. Also I like reading how things are progressing for you. And I can tell through what you have shared os that you genuinely care for others and I appreciate that for them. We need as many people like that as we can in this world.

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  2. Absolutely. Learning an it emotional boundaries has been a process for me as well, but is so important. That’s also where the topic of emotional consent, which I wrote about on my blog awhile back (and I can share the link if you’re interested) can be so helpful.

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    1. Thanks for passing by Brendan and taking the time to comment. Nice blog you have 🙂
      I can see where emotional consent would fit in too. What’s it been like for you? Only if you don’t mind sharing…

      Love, light and glitter

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      1. Thanks for the compliment! 🙂

        Emotional consent has been really freeing! I used to worry a ton about whether I’m dumping too many burdens on someone. And sometimes, I did dump too many burdens. But just asking someone if it’s okay for me to share something emotionally heavy has lifted me of that worry. Emotional consent is really helpful to all involved.

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