I want to text RR and ask if we can speak. I’m scared to text, though I know he’ll say okay and that even if he doesn’t respond I’m no worse off than I am now, for at the moment I’m not in touch.

Made a follow up appointment with this person who came last Monday for Thursday. Next Thursday I’ve a GP appointment.

My world is a mixture of good and bad. Darkness is just a lack of light.

So long as there is life there is hope.

Love, light and glitter



20 thoughts on “54225797 – I’m not sure what the numbers mean.

        1. I just want to ask him if we can speak. Not going to say more in a text. Way too much background for that. And we haven’t spoken in 3 months.


          1. Oh I see. I wish I could somehow help you more but you probably just need to give it a go and see what happens. Let me know how you get on.

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            1. Exactly. I just need to send a message. First thing tomorrow. I can’t tonight as I don’t want to speak tonight and I’m scared he’ll call. Lol. I never used to know that anxiety was a part of my world and still wonder at times if it is


              1. Yeah, I understand that. There’s nothing worse than when you are happy messaging and they call you. Heightens existing anxieties.

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                    1. I thought you meant something like that. I asked coz I didn’t get it. It wasn’t wrong at all. I was touched and looked forward to seeing it. Is there a contact form on my site?


                    2. I’ll fetch my laptop when I’m really up. I’ll have to check the site too – I only really use the reader. Thank you..!


                    1. I’m not liking this because I’m sad you think that. I know I responded but wanted to day I read this (like to me often really should have a different button such as I hear, relate, feel the same, understand.


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