God. The word itself is filled with so much meaning. The word ‘god’ brings up different things for different people. Some people will associate it with love, others cruelty, and anything in between. I know I’ve written about this before. Who is god? What is god?

Who is god

I hate the word ‘god’ for it’s so generic and people put all their preconceived notions on it. Someone asked me why I talk about Judaism and not Yiddishkeit (translation: Judaism). I tried to explain it to her. Which I shouldn’t have. ‘Yiddishkeit’ is tainted to me. It could be that once I’ve created my own relationship with it, it will be different. It’s a bit like ‘god’. It took me until I’d created my own definition of the word to use it.

God, to me, means the infinity that is the constant source of the world (constant for limit, time, is only in this world). God means whatever I’m learning it means. I’m working through what that is. As I left off part 6, god is the light, darkness is the limit. I don’t know much about god. I know what I perceive. I know this entire world is a reflection of god.

Of the god I create. It’s not that I create it, but that I create my understanding of it by working through it.

The word ‘god’ and a host of religious words are tainted by the religion. I think what happens most often is that the religious people think they’re acting in accordance with the religion when really they’re going against it all. A lot of religious people confuse the culture with religion.

God. What does the word mean? It means whatever I want it to mean. And that’s a work in progress.

To be continued…


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