I googled it. After writing about it when looking up about god. Strange to think now is when I’m using it.


It calls my name
Tells me it’s my friend
It wants me to be
A part
It want me to be one with it

Darkness isn’t an entity itself. It’s just a lack. A lack of light.

If darkness is just the absence of light, seems like the antidote would be to bring some light into the world. I don’t know how. I don’t know how. But it must be possible.

So long as there’s life, there’s hope.

Love, light and glitter



9 thoughts on “Darkness isn’t an entity on its own

  1. I like how this is written. Reminds me of something short I wrote many years ago. It’s interesting how darkness pulls at us. It is so seemingly seductive at times. Drawing us into its depth. We as people go there so readily. It seems from observing myself and those around me that it is inherent within most of us to be drawn into it so easily. We have to make the effort to search out the light. We have to want it. Crave it. Eventually becoming one with the light. Making the habits in all the light may bring. Darkness always will be there waiting. In those moments it’s our choice to find residence within it again or to keep it at bay another day.

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  2. Negativity pulls or effects us more easily. Goodness and positivity take more time.
    Just as darkness is no entity of its own, as you said, and it just absence of light; similarly hate and strife is simply absence of love.
    Fill yourself so much with love Eliza that there is no room for anything else. Lots of love and a big hug 🤗

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